The Weelee Magic Formula – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow!

The cat is out the bag; or rather, the rabbit is out the hat! No, we’re not talking about the big news that Weelee is now well settled in the Mother City – that is old hat. (You can read all about our Cape Town launch here). We’re referring to our ‘magic formula’ – which has customers applauding us because of our online stage presence in the car selling business. 

Selling your car can be an arduous task – taking much time and effort – and it is likely you have often wished you had a magic wand or fairy godmother to handle the logistical schlepp. Well, now you do! Weelee has stepped into the gap (and niche), and has come up with a ‘magic formula’ that results in your car being here today and gone tomorrow – literally! (But only if you want to sell your car).

We promise there are no mind games or sleight of hand involved – just a tested online platform, reputable ‘magicians’ (in the form of pre-approved dealers) and ‘volunteers’ (in the form of happy customers who have experienced this Weelee phenomenon). 

This is how our Weelee ‘magic formula’ works:

Trick #1 – Enter your car…   

Simply upload your car’s details and instantly (like magic!) you will get a quote. Our user-friendly site makes the entire process simple and completely secure for you. Plus, it’s obligation-free! 

Trick #2 – Sit back and watch…

Now you can sit back, relax and wait for the real magic to begin. And ‘abracadabra,’ live offers will start appearing on your screen. It really is the most exciting occurrence. 


What is actually happening is that behind the ‘digital curtain’ are 100s of our Weelee pre-approved dealers, ready with real cash, who are bidding on your car. 

As you wait, the bids are likely to go higher and higher, and you get to decide which bid to accept. You will be on the edge of your seat in anticipation. And if at any point you change your mind and choose to walk away, you are free to do so.  

Trick #3 – Take the cash…

Once you accept the highest bid, only then will your personal details be made available to the buyer, and ‘voila!’ cash will suddenly appear in your bank account. Your car will be sold. Hence Weelee’s magic formula: ‘Here today, gone tomorrow.’

As you read this, you are probably feeling hypnotised by the behind-the-scenes workings of Weelee’s successful online platform. There is no other platform like it when it comes to selling your car, and we are quite open about our successful formula. 

All you have to do, if you want to sell your car online and get the best cash price, is to contact us or follow the simple steps on our website to make sure your second-hand car is gone tomorrow. 

And if you are in Cape Town (which itself is a magical place!) then you, too, can be part of the Weelee ‘Sell your Car’ Club. We are proudly South African and would love to hear your story of how Weelee is magically transforming your car selling experience. 

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