Selling your car? Choosing between a petrol or diesel upgrade

Selling your car? the advantages of a advantages and disadvantages of a petrol car vs a diesel option

Aside from the primary motivators – such as personal taste and budget – another factor you may consider when selling your car is a petrol or diesel upgrade. Much like our recent analysis on whether you should sell your car and upgrade to a manual or an automatic, there is no clear winner here. Both transmission types have their benefits and drawbacks and are suited to different driver types.

Instead of debating the fluctuating petrol and diesel prices in South Africa, we’re here to break down the fundamental differences between each transmission type. By analyzing the pros and cons, we will help you park your petrol versus diesel dilemma and confidently choose the appropriate fuel type for your next vehicle after successfully selling your car on our online platform. 

The argument for and against petrol cars

With more variants available than its diesel counterpart, there is a broader range of petrol cars on the used car market. While both engine types work off internal combustion, the spark ignition of a petrol car is known to generate better initial acceleration while contributing to a shorter engine life and, ultimately, a lower resale value when selling your car in the future.

Advantages of a Petrol Car
  • Cheaper to service and maintain
  • Less harmful to the environment in comparison to the level of harmful gases emitted by diesel
  • More affordable to buy when choosing your next car
  • Produces more power than its diesel counterpart over short distances
  • Quieter noise levels

Disadvantages of a Petrol Car
  • Lower resale value than a diesel vehicle
  • Greater engine wear and tear due to fuel properties
  • Less fuel efficient than diesel when driving over long distances 
  • Only available for smaller vehicle types excluding many SUVs from your wishlist!

A petrol car is best suited to the urban driver who regularly travels short distances and does not intend to own the same car for more than 5 years.

Selling your car? Choosing to upgrade to a diesel or petrol vehicle

Selling your car to upgrade to a diesel engine

Known for being workhorses and often heard before they are seen, diesel cars are renowned both for their torque and for lasting the test of time. However, they generally come with a more expensive price tag which can put a serious strain on your car maintenance bill should you run into serious mechanical problems. 

Should you be looking to sell your car and leaning towards a diesel upgrade, please take note of the following factors. 

Advantages of a diesel car
  • More fuel efficient over long distances
  • Provides a greater pulling power (torque) – ideal when carrying heavier loads
  • Generally maintains a greater resale value than its petrol equivalent
  • Diesel engines last longer than petrol engines 

Disadvantages of a diesel car
  • The initial purchase cost is generally more expensive than its petrol equivalent
  • More expensive to service and maintain
  • Produced more harmful emissions than a petrol engine
  • Diesel Cars produce less initial power and tend to be sluggish over short distances

A Diesel Car is best suited to drivers who like to clock up many miles or often need to carry large loads. 

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