Selling your car for a new one? Discover your vehicle persona

Your vehicle perosna

Cars and their owners are a little like dogs and their owners. Not that you start to look like your car after a period of time (that would seriously be weird), but there is something to be said about the pop psychology of car owners and their ‘stereotypical’ personas. This fun (albeit random) data is worth having if you are wanting to sell your car to upsize, downsize or upgrade.

It is inevitable that car design briefs and marketing strategies would cross paths when vehicle manufacturers sit down at the drawing board. Cars are ultimately designed for certain demographics, specific life stages, definitive personality types and aspirational goals. In other words, a car is more than just a car; it says something about you. This ‘typology’ of vehicles is worth tapping into when it comes to selling your car and buying a new one.  

We don’t pretend to be neuroscience experts or have any psycho-analytical insights into consumer behaviour, but with over 50 000 cars sold on Weelee, we do have a little industry knowledge when it comes to those who are selling cars and those looking to buy them. 

Hatchbacks for city slickers

Nippy, zippy, sexy and oh-so-cute, hatchbacks are also practical, versatile, economical and oh-so-easy to park. Definitely the car of choice for those who love city life, these nifty little runarounds have evolved from their original 1938 tradesmen target audience. Initially designed for ‘butchers, bakers and candlestick makers,’ hatchbacks are now the vehicle of choice for young and old. 

selling your hatchback

They get the thumbs up from varsity students, 30-something ‘yuppies’ who thrive on a city vibe, empty nesters (who haven’t semigrated to a farm in the Midlands) and grandparents who need to babysit, get to Bridge and want to park easily.

Anyone who loves city life and is on the go will never regret buying a hatchback.

So, if you are looking to sell yours, you have a wide pool of buyers out there. 

Sedans for stylish comfort seekers

Although sedans are generally underrated, the same cannot be said of those who own them. Sedan lovers may be sensible and businesslike, but they still want to look good and they also appreciate the finer nuances that these mid-sized vehicles offer. Those who opt for a sedan are making an intelligent choice and realise the value of comfort, space, luxury and performance.

A smooth ride is always guaranteed in a sedan and if you are looking to sell your current vehicle to buy one, you are making a wise choice. 

Sell your car for a sedan

SUVs for suburban ‘soccer moms’ (and dads)

Selling your car and upsizing to an SUV? We can guess your type. SUVs are synonymous with the ‘burbs, a middle-class income and family life. (The debate over ‘Model C’ schools or private schools is discussed at every sports match, and annual vacations are planned). 

The popularity of SUVs is all about safety, style and multitasking.

(It makes sense that women drivers generally saturate this market). These cars are a long-term investment offering countless opportunities for family memories and road-trip comfort. 

Upsize to an SUV

Of course, it is worth mentioning that parents in the SUV category will often hire an au pair (who comes fitted with a hatchback) to ferry their kids around. 

Bakkie & 4x4s for the outdoorsy type

Town mouse or country mouse? 

Drivers of bakkies and 4x4s are definitely not your ‘townies.’ In fact, they hate the city; rather living for the bush or on a farm.

Dirt roads always trump tarred roads. And if you do happen to find them in the suburbs or city during the week, it is only because they need to earn a living to finance their real outdoor life on weekends; 4x4ing, fishing, hiking or camping. (There is one exception to these intrepid bakkie adventurers; it is those who love the advantages of a bull bar when navigating rush-hour city traffic). 😉 

There isn’t a set age bracket for these robust vehicle owners. From your 20-something ‘boer,’ to your 30-something adrenaline junkie to your 40-something adventurer, to your 50- or 60-something game farm owner, South Africans love Bakkies and 4x4s. They are definitely not going anywhere and are always in high demand when it comes to the second-hand car market. 

Sell your car for a bakkie or 4x4

Should you sell your car to buy a 4×4? Our recent blog outlines the pros and cons. 

Sports cars for living the ‘high life’

Whether you admit it or not, we are all dreamers, and a luxury sports car – hardtop or convertible – will always get the world stopping and staring. A thrill ride and living life in the fast lane are just two motivators to own one. 

Some sports cars are for risk-takers, others are for those who appreciate the intricate engineering and performance, but for most, it is just about the drive. 

Buy a sports car

New money or old money, these high-priced vehicles are for a niche status market, but they do tend to hold their value, so when it comes time to sell your sports car you are likely to get a lucrative deal.

Minivans for crowd pleasers

Banish the thought of minivans only being relegated to the pragmatic amongst us.

Minivan owners love crowds and they love driving long distances.

(They also tend to be really calm people). 

Minivans have come a long way since their hippie combi counterparts that were covered in “make love not war” slogans and peace sign stickers. They prove their worth when it comes to suburban carpooling and countryside adventures. 

If you don’t have one, you are likely to have ‘minivan envy’ when you see the ‘Joneses’ heading off on a road trip vacation in one. Offering comfort, versatility, accessibility and oodles of space, they can fit the kids, the grandparents, the pets, the luggage, the sports gear, the camping equipment, the wheelchair and the kitchen sink. 

We completely understand if you want to sell your car to ‘keep up with the Joneses.’ And with multiple offers on our innovative platform, you will get the best deal.  

‘Weelee it’ for the best price

We don’t care about the typology of cars as much as we care about you and assisting you in selling your car for more – efficiently, easily, quickly and safely. 

When you choose to sell your car the Weelee way, size doesn’t matter and neither does the make, model or colour. Just upload your car’s details and one of our consultants will be in touch to guide you through the entire process. 

Weelee it’ today. All vehicle personas are welcome!
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