Selling your car? Here’s what South African women have to say about Weelee

Sell your car - What SA women have to say about Weelee
Selling your car is a life decision that comes with many hurdles. Some challenging factors – if you decide to sell privately –  include inspections, haggling, scammers, payment and transfer of ownership paperwork! As if this is not enough to worry about, add in the discrepancy between expected and market value, how and who to sell to, and whether your safety is guaranteed or not. This process is even more daunting when you are a woman with a thousand other things to take care of

We conclude this Women’s month by highlighting why Weelee has been the go-to partner for South African women selling their cars online! One thing about women – whether shopping online or selling your car online – is they never make a move without buy-in from other women who have walked down that road before! In selling your car, you need a reliable partner to ensure that you get the best deal, you are not taken advantage of and the whole process is a breeze!  

Pump the brakes on all your worries and trust Weelee to get you the best cash deal when you sell your second-hand car!

Woman to woman!

Organisations that are intentional about delivering excellent services to women, position women in leadership roles because it takes a woman to understand another woman’s pain points. At Welee, we are better able to empathise with our female clients’ challenges in selling their cars through the capable guidance of our Marketing Manager; she is active in contributing to making Weelee a brand that ‘plays a meaningful role in the lives of consumers.’ 

It always delights us to receive positive feedback from our female clients as evidence of meeting their needs. This is what Charmaine shared on Hellopeter: 

Selling your car - what SA women have to say about Weelee

BTW – on Hellopeter, we have a 4.78 out of 5-star rating from 1054 reviews and on Facebook, we have a 5 out of 5-star rating. We must be doing something right. 

The proof is in the done-deals 😉

One thing about Weelee is that we cater to people of all ages and whatever the condition of your car we deliver satisfactory service, you can sell your car anytime, anywhere!!

The screenshot below shows Placidia S. giving a glowing review of her Weelee experience.

Selling your car - what SA women have to say about Weelee


In real life, ‘no-strings-attached’ usually gets messy, but not with us! Ladies, we know you hate it when people and companies go back on their word and that is why we are committed to keeping our entire online process transparent. There are no hidden terms and conditions. We live up to our promises, making sure that selling your car is safe, quick, obligation-free and hassle-free! 

Abigail Booysen had this to say about us on Facebook:

Selling your car - what SA women have to say about Weelee

Women love Weelee

You have heard what other women have to say; they love to ‘Weelee it!’ If you are planning on selling your car and intend to complete the whole process in record time (and for the best cash price), start calling the shots now by choosing Weelee. It’s all about staying in control and leveraging our innovative online bidding process and 1000’s of pre-approved dealers to suit you.  

There is no time like the present. So, visit us and let’s start the process.

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