3 Reasons to sell your car and start fresh this spring

selling your car online-3 reasons
If you have been considering selling your car because of one-too-many repairs, fuel price increases or you’ve lost your heart to an upgrade, then this blog is the sign you have been waiting for! There is no better time to sell your second-hand vehicle than in spring –a time for new beginnings

Below are 3 reasons to embrace the spring spirit, do an ‘out with the old’ and let Weelee handle selling your car for you! 

Car spring fever!

With all the excitement and positivity that comes with spring – it is the perfect time to sell your car. ‘Why now?’ you may ask. The answer is simple,  it’s getting warmer and the consumer market is starting to plan for the warmer weather and holidays. 

This is also the perfect time if you want to sell a sports car, drop top or a classic. These are the season’s hot deals that affording consumers will be actively looking for. They want to enjoy their spring and summer speeding down the freeways and looking cool in the warm sun! 

Who wouldn’t want to drive through Cape Town’s winding roads which are sandwiched between the ocean and gigantic mountains in a drop-top on a sunny spring day? And our 1000s of pre-approved Weelee dealers are ready and waiting to bid on your pre-loved car.

selling your car online- 3 reasons

Demand is currently high!

If you sell your car now, you are likely to get more for it! The pandemic created immense economic pressure which has led to an increase in the online searches and buying of used cars by South Africans. As a norm, this high demand and low supply has caused a sharp spike in used cars’ prices. Selling your used car online now guarantees you a more attentive and ready target market. If you partner with Weelee it sweetens the whole usually difficult, emotionally draining and lengthy process. You will get the best cash deal this spring, and your car will sell fast!

The National Automobile Dealers Association (Nada) chair alluded to this saying that Q1 and end of Q2, 2021 saw a surge in used car pricing. Increased new car prices and a decrease in good used cars stock triggered this. “Used cars have been a very good purchase for consumers because the pricing relative to new cars has been outstanding, especially in the medium- to premium segments.” –Mark Dommisse

Down and kinda out!

Another reason why you should sell your car this spring includes paying more in order to keep your car on the road. If your personal finances are being squeezed by the pressures of monthly instalments, surging insurance premiums and fuel costs then this is definitely a tell-tale sign that it’s time to say goodbye to your car.

selling your car online- 3 reasons

For our readers whose cars are still under warranty, don’t wait for it to lapse. Now is the best time to sell your car to avoid a heavy potential payment once your warranty is finished.

Don’t stress it – just Weelee it!

Don’t carry the stress of selling your car all by yourself. Let Weelee handle it for you and you won’t have anything to regret. We are in partnership with 1000s of reputable and pre-approved dealers. And our customers continue to sing the praises of how our services are safe, quick, easy, obligation-free, transparent and satisfactory. Our record speaks for itself!

Upload your used car on Weelee today and make your spring sale!
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