Selling your car successfully – The ABC’s of ‘Weeleeing it!’

Selling your car in 2022
For many, the start of the new year presents the ideal opportunity to acquire a newer car. Of course, this involves the need to offload your current vehicle first. There is a misconception that selling your car or bakkie is a highly complicated, drawn-out process with endless hurdles to cross. 

Luckily for prospective sellers, Weelee has disrupted the market with a simple, yet effective formula to sell your used car online – quickly and securely. We offer a hassle-free alternative to going through the stress of selling your vehicle privately because our online platform really is as simple as ABC. 

Here’s your guide to getting into the Jackson 5 groove when selling your car online in 2022; it’s as easy as one two three, baby, you and Weelee

A – Absolute Convenience – As Easy As

Simplicity and success when selling your car are the major factors that motivate you towards an online platform over a private sale. Since Weelee is free to use, available 24/7 and offers an intuitive platform that allows you to quickly upload your current vehicle, you can list and advertise in minutes

The real convenience of using our platform, however, is the strict vetting process by which we select and pre-approve dealers as your exclusive buyer market. This ensures that any potential lead or enquiry comes from a legitimate and serious buyer who knows your product and has the available cash to make an immediate purchase. 

B – Best Deal possible when selling your car sing it, sing it

At Weelee, we actively encourage you not to just accept the first offer but to wait and accept the best offer put down on your vehicle. With our easy 3-step registration process completed, all you need to do is sit back, brew the coffee and watch pre-approved dealers bid for your used vehicle

Weelee it & get the best deal possible

Unlike the risky cryptocurrency market, there are no sudden dips in auction bids. There’s also no obligation to accept any cash offer you are not happy with. When you’ve reached the best deal possible from the highest bidder, it’s time to cash out and quickly conclude the translation. Do-re-mi, we can sing along to that simple melody all day long.

C – Customer Care – All About Love

Helping thousands of South Africans each year to sell their pre-loved vehicles for the best cash price possible is our bread and butter. However, we are aware that the customer experience never starts and finishes on the auction floor. We are constantly updating our FAQ section to answer changing market trends and patterns, while also educating the general public with regular blog posts on current topics in the used car sales market.

Be assured that you will receive the exceptional level of customer service that has elevated Weelee to number 1 on HelloPeter in the transport and logistics industry with a 10/10 trust rating.

ABC, 1-2-3, log in and ‘Weelee it’

Now that the song is stuck in your head, the only way to get rid of this catchy tune is to block out the white noise of our competitors and visit Weelee today. 

Explore why selling your car with Weelee is no one-hit-wonder. Log in, upload your details and create your Top 20 chart of best prices, guaranteed.

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