Should you sell your car to buy a 4×4? We outline the pros & cons

Sell your car to buy a 4x4 - the pros & cons
There is something ruggedly wild and special about a 4×4 – aka a four-wheel drive (4WD). It speaks the language of adventure, freedom, power and adrenaline. And if off-road exploration is your thing, then a 4WD is a no-brainer. Of course, you don’t have to go off-road in a 4×4 (although that is where all the fun is), as Gauteng residents will quickly tell you that urban driving in Joburg is exactly that! The big decision, however, no matter where you live, is: “Should you sell your current vehicle to buy one?” 

If you are seriously in the market to invest in a 4×4, not only can we help you sell your car for the best cash price, but we can also help you make an informed decision by outlining the pros and cons of a 4WD. (But if your heart is set on one, we are not sure the cons will make a big difference). 😉

The pros of buying a 4×4

Die-hard adventurers who love the untamed wilderness are the best advert for buying a 4×4. Their tough tales will have you doing your research, checking your options and tweaking your budget. (This is where you will definitely need to sell your car – and perhaps a kidney – for the best cash price if a 4WD is calling your name). 

#1 You can go (almost) anywhere

Those off-the-beaten-track destinations and yet-to-be-explored locations are all par for the course in a 4×4. And South Africa has a lot of spectacular off-road bundu bashing options to offer if a 4WD is your wheels. Electronic braking distribution, extra traction and the low-range gearbox of a 4×4 are key to helping you maintain better control when tackling difficult terrains and navigating steep inclines. A 4×2 is just not going to keep up (or make it down). 

Sell your car to buy a 4x4
#2 The safety features are off the charts

Manufacturers of newer 4WDs have not skimped on basic safety features that come standard with most cars: front and curtain airbags, rain-sensing windscreen wipers, automatic headlights, adaptive cruise control, emergency braking in pedestrian detection and lane departure alert. 

But when it comes to driving in serious weather, such as heavy rain or traipsing some of our many dirt roads, a 4×4 is probably the most capable vehicle on the road (and off the road). The increased traction and stability mean it is less likely to spin or skid in wet weather or muddy conditions. (A 2WD will likely get stuck in the mud or spin out of control). Their superior towing capabilities also make them safer when hauling a trailer or caravan. 

safety features of a 4x4

And even though 4×4 vehicles are more likely to overturn compared to smaller cars –  thanks to their large mass and high centre of gravity (definitely a con) data from industry studies show that occupants in a 4×4 are less likely to be killed or suffer serious injury when involved in an accident. 

And then there is the bull bar – a really macho safety feature and your vehicle’s first line of defence in the event of a collision – be that another car, cattle gone awol on KZN and Eastern Cape roads or wildlife on safari. 

#3 You are spoilt for choice

If you love a 4×4 for its monster truck vibe, need a 4×4 single or double cab to handle farm tracks and heavy-duty chores or just appreciate the sophisticated design of some 4WD models, there is one out there for you. 

And when it comes to a wilderness adventure or camping trip with your family, the additional space and storage features are a super bonus. The elevated height of a 4×4 is also a great advantage when on a game drive for spotting some of the big 5 and the rest of our local wildlife. 

sell your sedan or SUV to buy a 4x4
#4 Great resale value

4×4 Drivers are not going anywhere and a 4WD will always make it onto a large target audience’s automotive wish list. As they are always in demand, they subsequently have a great resale value. Even if they happen to be old and beaten, people will want them because 4x4s are built to last and adventure is always calling. 

The cons of buying a 4×4

4×4 Drivers are not going anywhere and a 4WD will always make it onto a large target audience’s automotive wish list. As they are always in demand, they subsequently have a great resale value. Even if they happen to be old and beaten, people will want them because 4x4s are built to last and adventure is always calling. 

There is no perfect vehicle out there that will tick every box (although Elon Musk may disagree). And no matter how much you are in love with 4x4s, they do have their fair share of negatives.

#1 They don’t come cheap 

From an initial investment outlay (new or second-hand) to higher insurance premiums and lower fuel economy, a 4×4 is going to hurt your wallet. You need to seriously factor in the immediate and long-term costs if you want to buy one. And we haven’t yet mentioned the cost of replacing 4×4 tyres! 

Unless you are invested in going off-road – regularly – you may want to think twice about how much you really need a 4×4. Unless you plan on taking your family on cross-country experiences every holiday or long weekend, you may want to consider a more economical SUV alternative that doesn’t come with such a hefty price tag and yet still offers the option of engaging AWD (all-wheel drive) when needed. 

the pros and cons of a 4x4

(If you are struggling with the everyday running costs of a 4×4, you can quickly and easily sell your vehicle on our online platform. With multiple offers from vetted dealers and high demand, we guarantee you the best cash price). 

But we understand that once you have owned a 4×4, they get under your skin and are hard to part with (unless you are planning on buying another model).

#2 Features that aren’t worth raving about

As mentioned in #2 of our pros, the higher centre of gravity and heaviness of a 4WD do make it easier for the vehicle to roll while cornering at high speed or towing down a slope. 

Being big and heavy also means that 4x4s are not the easiest vehicles to drive or manoeuvre around town Parking is also an issue! And if you have a need for speed, a 4×4 is not going to give you the anticipated thrill ride you are after. For that, we suggest selling your car, SUV, Bakkie or 4×4 and buying a sports car or luxury vehicle instead. 

Should you sell your car to buy a 4×4? 

Whatever you decide, we are here to help you make it happen. When you ‘Weelee it’ you have access to pre-approved dealers who will bid for your car. This means you get multiple competitive offers for your vehicle. (That is a major pro!). And if there is a 4×4 out there with your name on it, who are we to stop you?  

Don’t just sell your car, ‘Weelee it’ for the best cash price. We promise you a quick, safe and hassle-free experience. 

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