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Standing at the airport departures lounge is never a pleasant experience. Giving that last hug and waving to your loved one(s) as they cross the final turnstile is a teary moment. Saying ‘adieu’ to your beloved car can be an equally emotional experience (we get that). The road trips, shelter from the storm and memories of travels visiting family and friends make it hard to say ‘adios’ to your trusty wheels.  But if you sell your vehicle with Weelee, we will be there to dry up the tears and put a quick smile on your face as we find you a reputable buyer for your car, ensuring a hassle-free farewell. 

There are a variety of reasons why you may need to say ‘cheers’ to your car, but when you Weelee it, we will be beside you – all the way – to make sure that the process is simple and stress-free:

#1 Lifestyle changes

Whether your kids are moving out of the house and you’re looking to say ‘cheerio’ to the family van or you’re looking for a more spacious ride for a busier life stage, there is never a better time (in our opinion) to Weelee it

Upsizing, downsizing or styling up your ride has never been easier. From upload to offer, our easy-to-use website ensures a quick, simple and hassle-free experience.

Downsize your car

#2 Relationship changes

Divorce or break-ups can be an emotional roller-coaster ride with many changes to adapt to as once-cherished relationships come to an end.

Conversely, tying the knot or welcoming a new bundle of joy into your life can bring much joy, new experiences and treasured memories. (All these scenarios rank high on the lifestyle emotional stress scale). 

Relationship changes

Whatever the change (happy or sad), it can bring with it a lot of admin and paperwork. And selling your car can feel like yet another dreaded task on an unending to-do list associated with these changes. But not with Weelee. We are here to reduce a little of your stress. It will take less than five minutes to upload your car to our website and see multiple offers streaming in from our list of pre-approved dealers. Your personal Weelee consultant will also be there to hold your hand from start to finish.

#3 Financial changes

Have you received the dreaded letter from your boss to terminate your contract and need some extra money to get through the next few months? Or have you received that promotion and the dream of the top office suite may finally become your reality? Perhaps your car warranty is about to expire and you’re looking to bid farewell to your wheels in search of a new ride?

Whatever the circumstance, there’s no easier way to sell your car for the best cash price than with Weelee. Our pre-approved dealers compete for your vehicle to ensure you get the best possible deal.


#4 Relocation changes

You may be packing up to emigrate overseas or semigrate to George, Mossel Bay, Cape Town or a quaint farm in the Midlands. 

Any of these moves are likely to require the sale of your vehicle and ensuring a smooth transition is your priority. Cue Weelee.


Say ‘so long, farewell’ with a smile with Weelee

When thinking through all the above-listed reasons for saying goodbye to your car, ‘Weeleeing it’ should be music to your ears!

As the fastest-growing online sales platform and rated number one in customer service by Hello Peter – Weelee will bring a smile to your face when you wave goodbye to your old wheels and settle into your changing circumstances. 

Say ‘goodbye,’ ‘tot siens’ or ‘hamba kahle’ to your wheels today with Weelee.
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