Take 5 – Striking all the right notes to sell your car

Take 5 & sell your car online with Weelee
In 1961, the Dave Brubeck quartet took a five-minute break from rehearsals. Little did they know that a spark of musical wisdom, conjured up in a New York back alley, would defy the norm and turn a whole genre on its head. “Take Five” defied musical and rhythmic boundaries, and opened up endless avenues for improvisation and interpretation. At Weelee, the convenience and speed at which you can upload and start to sell your car on our platform strike the perfect chord with this jazz hit; it only takes five minutes!

When it’s time to sell your car, you want to keep it simple – a tune you can hum along to, without getting lost in the beat. If you are planning on selling your second-hand vehicle this season (or any time of the year), compile this little playlist of five-minute tasks to ensure that your used vehicle tops the charts with potential buyers on our innovative online platform. 

Uploading your Car takes just five minutes

The opening track to a great car deal is quicker than you may think. Simply fill in the details, upload your images and, ‘badum-tish,’ 🥁 your vehicle is ready to sell.

Take 5 & sell your car online
It takes less than 5 minutes to read one of our motivation and informational blogs

Need some inspiration on how to get your car listed to sell quickly and effortlessly? Browse our Weelee Blog page to build your playlist of great tips to make your vehicle stand out in the competitive online marketplace. 

Spend 5 minutes skimming through our FAQs to answer any queries you have

If you are new to selling online and find yourself out-of-tune with how the whole process works, you should find the answers to all your questions, in no time, on our FAQ page.

Take 5 to contact us and let us know how we can help you.

Perhaps you’ve skipped a beat and can’t find the answer to a specific query? No worries – give us a call or drop us an email, and we will get back to you to assist.

Take 5 minutes to read the reviews from our satisfied customers.

Positive customer reviews are the musical royalties of our online business that continue to pay out, long after each track ends! Check out our client testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers. These will get you into the groove when you’re ready to sell your car. 

Take 5 to write us a review of your Weelee experience and become part of  our ‘sell car club’

Add your own solo to the mix. Go ahead and share your personal Weelee experience for the benefit of future customers. (We can’t promise royalties for this though).

Take 5 & sell your car fast
It takes less than 5 minutes to accept a bid from a buyer and move on to the next track!

After one (or more) of our pre-approved dealers places a bid on your car – over a 2 hour period – you will receive instant notification of the cash offer. Should you accept, you can start finalising a deal before the chorus ends – or hold out for even better offers. (The final step in securing the sale of your car will obviously take longer than 5 minutes. You and the dealer will need to arrange a time and place for a real-time inspection of your vehicle).

Sell your Car with Weelee

Although we didn’t compose this simple and convenient method of selling your car online for the best cash price, it’s certainly a beat that we recommend all South Africans should follow. If your pre-loved vehicle is the melody line, consider Weelee to be your solid, rhythmic backline, effortlessly guiding you through the process, quickly and conveniently. The applause of your potential buyers and an encore of great offers make this collaboration a one-hit-wonder you can always be proud of!

Ready to hit play? Grab your ensemble of images, documentation and optimism, log onto our website, and Weelee your used vehicle today. 

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