Weelee makes your “sell my car” wishes come true!

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“I wish…” is a daily subconscious thought – during the holiday season and throughout the year. We all have wishes – spoken or unspoken – and our Weelee intuition has us pretty sure we know what your three “sell my car” wishes are likely to be. 

Not only can we guess your “sell my car” wishes, but we are in a unique position, as an innovative online car selling platform, to make those wishes come true. (Dinkum!).

Wish #1 – “I wish I could sell my car for more cash”

Besides simplicity and convenience, your ultimate goal (and wish), when selling your second-hand vehicle online, is to get the best cash deal possible. You have come to the right place because that is one of our Weelee promises to you. 

We know that you are probably wondering how we can make such a bold promise. The answer is our niche approach in having 100s of our vetted and reputable dealers bidding on your car. This process of multiple offers pushes up the price. Your car will achieve industry exposure to a wide and diverse audience of legitimate prospective buyers. This process guarantees you a competitive edge and multiple offers when selling your car. 

But the proof of the pudding is always in the eating.

Check out what Marlize Smit has to say about her taste of Weelee: “I have only compliments for Weelee. They have exceeded my expectations. After my first deal did not go through, WInique (my personal consultant), went out of her way to ensure a much better deal with another dealer… I sold my car for much more than the (first offer) and bought another car through the same dealer. Amazingly professional service you guys.”

Japh C was just as enthusiastic on Hellopeter: “The listing and bidding process were so smooth and unencumbered. It was a really great experience to see the live bids coming as dealers sought to outbid one another for the vehicle I had listed.”

And then Devon’s success story of how he got way more than he thought for his 2013 Ford Fiesta ST on our online platform was worth an entire blog!

You see, “sell my car” wishes really do come true at Weelee. 

Wish #2 – “I wish selling my car was not stressful and time-consuming”

A hassle-free experience is just another way that Weelee comes to the online party. “Quick and easy“ is one of our tagline commitments. When we hear you say, “I wish I could sell my car fast and alleviate the stress factors,” we confidently step into the gap to make that a reality. Our ultra-efficient online car selling process is what makes our customers so happy! 

All your “sell my car wishes” are ready to become a reality when you choose to sell your second-hand vehicle on Weelee’s innovative 
online platform.

Jireh S, on Hellopeter, had this to say: “Weelee takes the stress out of selling your car! I listed my car over the weekend, and by Tuesday it was collected and paid for by a local dealer. The Weelee rep checked in with me regularly. And the price I got was much higher than offers from similar services. I’d recommend them for anyone looking to sell.”

Selling your car on our online platform is all about just chilling and selling your car the hassle-free way. 

Wish #3 – “I wish I could have a positive experience when selling my car

Negative experiences around selling your car online and South Africans are quick to name and shame. That is why our “Weeleeing it” has become such a buzzword. Our customer-centric approach as well as and our commitment to a professional service offering (that puts you first) has resulted in excellent reviews and testimonials. As a satisfied customer, we hope you will be quick to spread the word of your positive experience, “I didn’t just sell my car online, I Weelee’d it!”

Actually, we can’t say it better than our following happy customers who left us 5-star reviews on Hellopeter where we are rated #1 in customer service:

  • Itumeleng S: “Selling your Vehicle? Weelee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heard it being advertised on the radio. I immediately thought to myself, it sounded too good to be true, so I decided to use them for the sale of my car. Wow, excellent professional service from start to finish, hassle-free and very safe.”
  • Marius M has just sold his car and was quick to leave this enthusiastic response: “Excellent and efficient service and they obtained a higher price than my asking price!”
  • Surajh S had this to say following the sale of his car: “I sold my car through Weelee. What a safe & simple process guided by an expert friendly & courteous consultant, special mention goes out to David in this regard who guided me from start to finish. Weelee exceeded my expectations, got a great price, no dealing with doggie buyers. The whole process was very professional & efficient. I would definitely recommend Weelee to anyone looking to beat a trade-in value or simply looking to sell their car for a competitive offer. Very happy & satisfied customer.”

We wish you Happy Holidays! 

As a proudly South African online platform (we have also launched in Cape Town), Weelee is definitely the way selling should be!

We wish you would check us out.
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