‘Tis the Season to Sell Your Car…Online

The festive season is a time of giving, but it is also a time for selling. More specifically, it is a time to sell your car…online. We want to highlight the ‘online’ part, as this time of year is notorious for being the busy season, with everyone rushing around doing last-minute shopping. We realise that the suggestion of selling your car at this time of the year probably sounds crazy. But this is where Weelee’s online platform makes all the difference – especially when it comes to saving you time and making you some extra money. It’s a win-win scenario, and all you have do is open your laptop or smartphone…from almost anywhere. 

 You might be lazing on a beach in Mauritius, surfing the waves in Jeffreys, camping near Bela Bela, or simply enjoying the perfect weather in Gauteng. Wherever you are, or whatever your holiday plans, now is the time to sell your car online. 

We have 3 compelling reasons why you should sell your car in December: 

#1 It’s all about the date 

As a new year starts, your car becomes one year older and its resale value decreases accordingly. Most cars lose 20% of their value in the first year. That is just a fact of life. (We are obviously not referring to supercars here). Now is the opportune time to sell your car – before the calendar year rolls over. There is also psychological research that indicates that one of the best times to sell your car is during summer. When the sun comes out, so do buyers and sellers.  

#2 It’s all about the price 

When we talk price here, we are referring to the price of petrol and diesel. This is a hot topic in South Africa, and if you are thinking of selling your car, it is a significant conversation and worthy of consideration. The Central Energy Fund has released data that the price of diesel is estimated to decrease by 23cents/litre (good news) and the price of petrol is set to increase by 11 cents/litre (not good news). Whatever the actual figures, the price of fuel is a big chunk of your monthly budget. So now might be the ideal time to sell your car online and perhaps consider something more fuel-efficient.  

#3 It’s all about the buyers  

If you are looking to sell your car, you need buyers who are going to give you the best price. You also need access to a competitive market. Weelee gives you this immediately. If you sell your car online with Weelee, we will swoop in with reputable dealers ready to bid on your car, guaranteeing you the best cash price for your car.  

It is so simple and easy: 

  1. You go to our website,  
  2. You register your car’s details and upload photos,  
  3. You sit back on your deck chair and watch the offers to come in. 

And if you want 3 more reasons why Weelee is the best place to sell your car online, order another drink with a little umbrella and read this blog. By the time you have finished reading, check your phone, as the bids on your car would have likely started coming in.   

It’s all about Weelee 

There is nothing more we can say. It really is the season to be selling your car online. And you don’t just have to take our word for it – our satisfied customers are always ready to share their online Weelee success stories with you.  

At the end of the day (and the end of the year), Weelee is the perfect online platform that is committed to helping you sell your car for cash – quickly, for free, and at the best price out there! Our pre-approved buyers are ready and waiting to compete with cash offers, and our user-friendly website makes the entire process simple and secure. Plus, it’s obligation-free! What more could you want? (Yes, we know, the supercar!) 

But for now, all that is left to do is to contact us because ‘tis the season to sell your car online! 

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