Trading in your love: Trade in or sell your car with Weelee

Trade in your car this Valentine's month

Making the heart-wrenching decision to sell your car or trade it in can feel like a blindsided breakup during the month of love. Seeing someone else drive off in the car with which you have shared so many years, memories and kilometres can bring you to tears, especially when you get a low-ball selling price. But it doesn’t have to be that way. ‘Trading in your 4-wheeled love’ in February can mean trading it up for marriage material. And selling your car in Valentine’s month doesn’t need to make you feel like a sell-out. 

At Weelee, we understand that many people have an emotional attachment to their cars (it’s natural). Waving goodbye to your vehicle shouldn’t have you reaching for the Kleenex like the scene in Titanic when Jack dies. 

In contrast, we make our customers do victory dances like Handre Pollard after he kicked the winning penalty between the poles during the World Cup final.

Thinking of doing a trade-in or selling your car? Let’s show you how Weelee can sweeten the deal and make you swoon.

Trade in and trade up

Trade-ins have developed a bad rep on the street for offering low prices in exchange for convenience. Weelee flips this idea on its head.

It’s time to fall in love with unbeatable value and receive multiple competitive offers for your old set of wheels before upgrading to a vehicle that exceeds your expectations.

Our online prices for preloved cars are negotiable, meaning that the new love of your life needn’t be too far out of reach. 

Don’t settle for a vehicle that’s not going to meet your needs. Aim high and get access to cars your previous partner thought were out of your league with a wide selection of sexy rides at Weelee Centurion.

Need a payment breather? Real love means you can pay the bill later with Weelee’s 60-day payment holiday. It’ll feel like a 2-month honeymoon on a tropical island – but with the added bonus of your dream car.

Trade-in your car for a good price and find your 'new' dream car with Weelee

Selling your car is not a sell-out

You don’t need to fumble your words as you send through that underhanded break-up voicenote when deciding to sell your car with Weelee.

Our speedy selling process means you’ve already got a sweet deal done and dusted before your partner gets the chance to give it a blue tick.

Here’s how we make your heart Weelee full when you decide to sell with us:

  • Upload your vehicle in just 2 minutes
  • Enjoy care-free online browsing on our secure online partition portal
  • Our multiple offers mean you don’t feel like you’re exaggerating your ex’s best features before signing the divorce papers
  • Our reviews back up our solid track record
  • You get the best bottom line for your pre-loved ride, allowing you the space to put yourself out there again before Valentine’s month ends.

Selling your car this Valentine's month doesn't need to feel like a break-up

Weelee your way to love

Waving goodbye to your pre-loved car needn’t be bittersweet when you choose to Weelee it. Whether you want to find a good replacement (trade-in) or a clean break (selling your car), don’t sell yourself short while Cupid’s arrow is still doing the rounds.

Take control of your love life with the Weelee happy ending you deserve.
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