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The holidays are practically here; if you were ever looking for the right time to sell your car, now is the time! The Weelee team has settled in perfectly in Midstream and the car-buying and selling experts are waiting for you to pop in and get the best deal for your car.

Selling your car before the summer holidays comes with a wave of benefits worth considering. Firstly, it’s a great time to cash in and bolster your finances, especially if you’re eyeing extra cash for the upcoming season. Secondly, if you are thinking about sustainability then selling your car now means having extra funds to explore ride-sharing options, ensuring you’re mobile, on time and always safe during the silly season.

If upgrading happens to be your goal, then trading in your current vehicle before the holiday rush presents an excellent chance to scale up your wheels. Imagine cruising into the festive season with a new ride, equipped with the latest features and ensuring your holiday travels are comfortable and stress-free. By selling beforehand, you’ll avoid the last-minute rush, capitalise on great offers for a new vehicle, and set yourself up for a seamless transition to a better car.

Weelee Centurion deals to cash in on

Are you serious about selling your car and securing the best cash price? It’s a guaranteed win-win situation with us: you walk away with the best price for your vehicle, and we have a ‘new’ car to sell on the floor!

We’re committed to ensuring you get what your car is worth when selling it at the Weelee Centurion. With Weelee, you’ll always pocket more when selling your car with us – whether you’re selling a hatchback or an SUV

Our Centurion store is a car hub of note. Nestled conveniently off the N1, you can now say goodbye to the hassle of dealership hopping in pursuit of the best deal—simply bring in your old car and experience an expedited car-selling process like never before.  Once you pull into Weelee Centurion, you can sashay your way to the “Sell Your Car Here” demarcated area. Things can get busy at Weelee, so make sure you come early. A Weelee sales expert will welcome you and assist you every step of the way.

Expect multiple offers within minutes, eliminating prolonged waits and providing you with an array of top-notch deals to consider when selling your car. While you peruse our extensive collection of over 800 used cars for sale in Centurion, indulge in a cup of Plato Coffee and a snack, making your browsing experience both relaxing and pretty damn satisfying.

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You can also conveniently get the selling process started online. Begin by uploading your car’s details in just two minutes. Once submitted, we’ll discuss your vehicle and arrange a complimentary onsite valuation at your convenience. 

Upon evaluation, you have two options: an immediate purchase or multiple offers to ensure you secure the best price possible. Payment is swift, often processed before we even leave your location, and entirely fee-free.

Make it a Weelee deal

At Weelee you’ll always receive a fair and transparent deal. (We pride ourselves on prioritising our customers’ best interests). Explore Hello Peter to delve into genuine testimonials from our satisfied clientele, sharing their firsthand experiences of selling their cars with us. With over 50,000 cars sold, our track record and glowing recommendations stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence in the industry.

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