Travel Fun with Weelee’s Top 3 Road Trip Car Games

Weelee Road trip
Our most recent blog highlighted our top 5 Weelee tips to make sure your car is ready for a road trip. (It is worth the read). But what about those inside the car – are they ready for a road trip? Keeping your kids happy and entertained on a long journey beyond the incessant  “Are we there yet?” can be challenging. 

Weelee comes to the rescue. We are not here just to help you sell your car. We have your back (literally) with our top 3 car games to keep those in the backseat engaged and distracted (beyond the iPads, phone scrolling and headphones).

Weelee’s car game #1 – ‘I spy with my little eye’

This is an oldie – but it has never lost its appeal and competitive edge – for kids and adults alike. As long as your littlies have learnt their ABC’s, ‘I spy with my little eye’ will keep everyone guessing, laughing and interacting with the outside world as it flies past their window – noticing windmills, farmhouses, goats and road signs. 

The Weelee twist: We are dying to know which of your kids will be the first to come up with: “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ‘W.’” Of course, the answer is one of our new Weelee billboards which are big, bold, fun and attention-grabbing. And when they ask what it means to ‘Weelee it,’’ you have a great opportunity to chat to them about a brand becoming a verb.  

Weelee’s car game #2 – ‘Car spotting’

This is a legendary road trip car game. Everyone chooses their favourite car colour (excluding white or silver), or their favourite make or model of car. A time limit is set and then all eyes are glued to the windows as the counting begins. Before you know it, an hour has passed and no-one has asked, “Are we there yet!”

The Weelee twist: Of course, if any of our team were on a road trip with you, they would choose the Weelee green! We also have a whole list of South Africa’s most popular and well-loved cars for 2020. We’re just wondering which is yours?  

Weelee’s car game #3 – ‘While you were sleeping’

Little eyes easily start to close on a long road trip; there is something soothing about the constant hum of tyres on the tar as the kilometres add up. As you check the rearview mirror, you will notice one of your kids passed out. Now is the time to engage imaginations and creative thinking. When your sleeper awakes, you all get to come up with a dramatic tale about what they missed while they were sleeping – this could include dragon-slaying, a talking teddy or a flock of flying fairies – whatever takes your fancy!

The Weelee twist: We love this game because for us it has a real-life quality. We have satisfied customer testimonials and true-life stories that are all about customers selling their cars for the best cash price on our online platform – while you were sleeping! Their stories include adventure and excitement relating to invisible soldiers fighting it out for their car (these would be our thousands of reputable dealers bidding away) and happy endings (where they got so much more cash for their car than they thought possible).

Weelee – ‘We don’t play games’

Weelee is known for its hassle-free and obligation-free online car selling platform. Selling your car sucks, so when it comes time to say goodbye to your vehicle, we don’t play games. We take our promises to you seriously. That is why we can say with the utmost confidence, “Don’t just sell your car, ‘Weelee it!’”

From our Weelee team, we wish you safe and happy travels wherever you may be travelling this holiday season.

Visit us today if you are looking to sell your car for the best cash price.  

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