Januworry? No Worry! Sell Your Car with Weelee

January is often described as the longest month of the year and that has nothing to do with the calendar and everything to do with your bank balance. Down payments are due, school fees need to be paid, credit card debt is through the roof and your next car service is out of its 100 000km/5-year service plan. Eish! As reality hits, the New Year positivity vibe is short-lived. We get it, and we have a solution to your New Year blues. No, we cannot carry your down payments, credit card debt or school fees, but we can help you get a fantastic deal if you need to sell your car. It’s simply what we do. 

Start the year in the green!

Financial experts and budgeting gurus may give you tips of getting out the red and starting your year in the black, but our solution is all about being in the (Weelee) green.

If you are looking to sell your car and you choose to ‘Weelee it’ (yes, our proudly South African brand is a verb), you will be well on the road to solving some of your money woes. That is because we guarantee you the best cash price with our 1000s of pre-approved dealers who will battle it out on our bidding platform for your car. And then comes the fun part – you get to decide which bid to accept. 

This is a wonderful alternative to trading in your car and risking ‘meh’ service, or selling it privately and risking dodge buyers and scammers. In both these scenarios, you only get one offer (generally way lower than you were anticipating), and you also lose any leverage to negotiate a competitive higher price. 

Besides, it’s January, and you cannot afford to settle for less when you sell your car. 

No more empty pockets!

Hands up how many of you did not get a December bonus or ‘13th cheque’ in 2020? (We thought so). 

And so, as you enter a new year, trying to make ends meet might mean selling a car; perhaps it’s just your second car or you have decided to downsize from the fuel-guzzling 4×4 to a smaller car that offers better fuel economy. (We are sure you have heard of the January 2021 petrol and diesel price increases)

Our user-friendly online platform becomes a no-brainer in this scenario, offering you a welcome solution. And uploading your car on our hassle-free platform is so simple, you can do so from the safety of your living room, (social distancing sorted!)

Once you have uploaded your car’s details, your privacy is ensured. Accepting a dealer’s bid means cash in your pocket and a positive start to the year. So, go ahead and Weelee it! 

Sell your car with Weelee!

Our Weelee team really have your back when it comes to selling your car the Weelee way, and we are all about reducing your stress levels, eliminating the New Year blues and making your life just a little bit easier. 

But wait, there’s more…

Not only does Weelee facilitate the process of selling your pre-owned car for cash, but the entire process is also obligation-free and you are in complete control over which offer you decide to accept. Registration is free, and you have absolute peace of mind that those bidding for your car are experienced and reputable buyers. 

What more could you ask for in an online car selling platform? (That is a rhetorical question).

Go ahead and read what others are saying who have chosen to ‘Weelee it’ and then you decide.

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