Dealers shopping for Used Car Brands

Shopping for designer brands at outlet stores and malls is a fast paced game. Consumers can usually score some good deals, whether they are end of season ranges, or products with minor, superficial damage. What might this have to do with ‘we buy cars’, you might ask?

Weelee offers that same brand of shopping rush for our database of pre-approved dealers. While Weelee doesn’t buy or stock cars, you can consider us an online ‘outlet space’ for the best makes and brands of used cars in South Africa. All that you, as the used car seller needs to do, is park your brand of vehicle online, share the details and condition of said vehicle, and we can guarantee there will be a deal to be made. In fact, with an auction system in place, there’s likely to be multiple dealers bidding furiously for your used car.

We buy Cars for First Time Buyers

Used car dealers are regularly tasked with sourcing quality vehicles for first time car buyers (often students or those just entering the workforce). Their budgets are relatively small and so they are looking for a compact, economical car. If you are ready to upscale from your Kia Piccanto, Ford Figo, Hyundai I10 or Polo Vivo, dealers will likely be scouting the Weelee database to match a used vehicle with a ready and waiting buyer.

We buy Cars for Trendy Buyers

Hatchbacks are a popular choice – from singles to couples, to those with small children. Popular for their sleek design and practicality, they offer space, reliability, and efficient fuel economy. Brands such as Kia Rio, Renault Clio, Hyundai I20, Mazda 2, Ford Fiesta or VW Polo have consistently fetched top prices for used car sellers on the Weelee platform.

We buy Cars for the Executive Market

Buyers who are generally loyal to a specific brand and at the higher and more exclusive end of the market, often don’t have time to shop around. At Weelee, we have dealers representing high-end buyers, who are particularly fond of well maintained used vehicles such as BMW 3 series, Mercedes C-class, Audi A4 or Volvo S40.

We buy Cars on behalf of the Big Spenders

When it comes to marketing your used car to big spenders, the bigger the better. Dealers are regularly on the lookout for premium 4X4 and SUVs for premium buyers, both in the commercial and urban market. If you are looking to sell your BMW X5, Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover, Audi Q5 or similar, we have big spender buyers Added to this segment is the ever-increasing demand for quality used bakkies. For more information on selling your Bakkie online, please refer to our previous blog article.


The business model of Weelee is founded upon creating a secure and simple platform for used car owners to sell their vehicles, free from the hassle and negotiation tactics often experienced by selling privately.  And it is obligation-free, allowing you to accept or reject the highest cash price offered. Don’t just sell it, Weelee it. Register your Used Vehicle Today.

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