Sell your Car – How to get the best Cash Price


Whatever you need it for, owning a car has become a crucial investment for most South Africans. But when the time comes to sell your car in order to upgrade to a newer model, we often don’t know where to start. This can lead to many drivers holding on to their used vehicle for far too long, eventually costing them more through increased petrol consumption and frequent, out-of-warranty repairs. This blog serves as a guide to ensuring you get the best cash price when you’re ready to sell.

Alternative Methods to sell your car in SA

Selling your car online, in a matter of hours, is a relatively recent phenomenon. For many, the traditional route of waving goodbye to your old set of wheels, was to trade it in, as part of the transaction of buying a newer vehicle. It is the easiest way to quickly sell your car, but won’t match the potential cash price you could receive if you went through other routes.

Selling your car privately is most likely to get you the best cash price in the end, as you cut out the middle-man. However, it is the most time-consuming way to sell, and comes with various potential security risks, not to mention a glut of time-wasters. Ask yourself, is it really worth your while to take on all the admin, and negotiate for weeks, to eventually find the right buyer at the price you’re adamant on getting?

Preparing to Sell your Car in order to get a great deal

A Land Rover and a Lamborghini are never going to fetch similar prices, no matter how much bodywork and repairs need to be done to maximise the sale price! However, no matter what car you own, following these few simple steps can definitely help in improve your bargaining power towards that all important, and best, final offer!

  • Take your Car in for a valet – improving its looks will definitely ensure a better sale at a higher price
  • Gather all of your car’s service history documents to show you’ve taken good care of it.
  • Take professional looking photos to make your car advert stand out amongst others (Refer to our recent blog for tips)
  • Be honest about your vehicle’s condition when you sell your car (Take a read of our Condition Checklist)

Sell your Car, quick and hassle free, through

Not everybody has time to deal with dozens of phone calls, sending out whatsapp photos and trying to figure out the ‘real mccoys’ from the scammers! There is a better and easier way to sell your car for the best price. is a proudly local, online marketplace that allows you to sell your used vehicle, safely and conveniently. We don’t buy cars, nor do we promise you instant cash offers. Instead, Weelee focuses on securing you, the seller, the best cash price in the market for your particular vehicle, through our database of hundreds of pre-approved dealers bidding for your vehicle. Don’t just accept your first offer, wait for the best offer. Visit and register your vehicle, obligation free, today.

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