We Buy Cars: Meet Weelee

Are you looking to sell your car? Do you want to get the best price for your used car? If you want to sell your car safely, yet quickly, look no further than Weelee’s innovative online car selling platform! Do we buy cars? We actually do one better by giving you access to our 1000’s of pre-approved dealers who are ready to bid on your car.

Until now, options have been very limited when selling a second-hand car. But thanks to Weelee’s online bidding platform, South Africans are now able to enjoy the benefits of a safe, time- and cost-effective way of selling used cars for the best cash price possible. Not only have we become a verb – you can Weelee it – but we offer a reliable, highly secure online platform that allows you to upload your car’s details in 3 easy steps.

More reasons to choose Weelee:

Here’s a quick breakdown of why you get nothing but the best price for your car with Weelee:

  • Quick, easy, safe and secure processing
  • 100% obligation-free
  • 100s of experienced, pre-approved buyers – now waiting!
  • No negotiating with dealers for a better price
  • Cash offers and payments are made online – stay at home or at the office!
  • No more waiting for adverts to be answered
  • Peace of mind – no more safety concerns or worrying about security
  • For those who hate the admin schlepp – we handle all the paperwork for out!

Weelee it today!

So, when you are looking to sell your car for the best cash deal possible, don’t ask which online platform buys cars, rather ask which platform will offer you multiple bids on your used vehicle allowing you the choice of which offer you want to accept. That is a winning solution to take advantage of.

Get Started Today! Upload your car today. 

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