Weelee is Looking Back – What You May Have Missed

Have you ever stopped to wonder how significant the view from the rearview mirror is? Pausing to look behind is often the motivation to keep moving forward and forging ahead. As an online business helping you sell your car, Weelee is looking back. So ditch the FOMO and journey with us down memory lane.  

The last few months have seen lockdowns, shutdowns and yes, even meltdowns. Fear and frustration have been unwelcome guests in our lives who don’t seem to want to leave. But in light of this – the wheels at Weelee have kept on turning, (literally and figuratively). We’ve been busy and pro-active. And of course, we’re on a mission to keep life simple. 

So, in case you have been hiding under an isolation blanket, here’s what you may have missed out on:

Our Cape Town Launch

For any business to break into the Mother City is no mean feat – but we did it! Just before lockdown, we hit the streets of Cape Town. Capetonians now have the opportunity to join our exclusive Weelee ‘Sell Your Car Club,’ and unlike Joburgers, they can do it from the top of Table Mountain or while eating calamari at ‘Snoekies’ from Hout Bay harbour.  

Our Magic Formula

We let the cat out of the bag and let everyone in on our magic formula – ‘here today, gone tomorrow!’ The disappearing act only applies to vehicles when you sell your car the Weelee way. The players are our tested online platform, our reputable ‘magicians’ (in the form of pre-approved dealers) and our ‘volunteers’ (in the form of happy customers who have experienced this Weelee phenomenon). 

Our Connection to Steve Jobs

As if our entrance into Cape Town Society wasn’t enough, we realised that our business practices were built on the prudent strategies and philosophies of entrepreneurial icons. Our success as one of South Africa’s top-performing online car selling platforms is not only down to our magic formula. There are 4 operating business practices that define Weelee and that we have in common with Steve Jobs

We are passionate, we are leaders, we do the hard legwork, and we won’t waste your time. This is what will influence your experience and success with us when you want to sell your car.  

Our Top Dream Cars for 2020

Probably our favourite diversion and distraction over the last few months was coming up with our list of dream cars for 2020. A subjective list, to be sure, but an aspirational one none-the-less. As realists – we help you sell your car and get the best price, guaranteed, but we also realise that when it comes to cars, there is no harm in being a dreamer. Check out our Weelee dream car list

Our Top 5 Tips

Ok, back to reality. You need to sell your car. As promised, our team at Weelee is committed to making the entire process as user-friendly and hassle-free as possible. Our top 5 tips to get your car ready is a simple checklist and to-do list to make sure you get the best cash price for your car. And who knows, perhaps that will start you on the road to saving for your dream car?

Our Online Solution

Going forward, Weelee is, without a doubt, the online platform to visit  – whether you are in Joburg or Cape Town. If you are looking to sell your car in these times, we offer you a timely solution. 

‘Simplicity’ is our middle name, and with thousands of pre-approved dealers just waiting to bid it out for your car, you can sell your car safely and for more. And best of all, the entire process is completely obligation-free.  

Simply complete our simple registration process, sit back, and watch the offers come to you. 

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