Weelee Talks: World Records

This week, we put all the “cash for cars” talk aside to take a closer look at some impressive records the car industry has set. Over the past few decades, the world has seen brave drivers with big hearts handling small cars, fast cars, long cars, light cars. We’ve seen how manufacturers put their pieces of work to the test and how they take their abilities to new, mind-blowing heights.

So, as a round-up, check out the numbers we crunched and compiled in this list of our top 3 favourite car-related world records.

#1 Longest Car

The longest car out there measures up to a good 30 metres and has 26 wheels to take to the streets. Plus, it does so in style with a decked out interior that includes a swimming pool and a king-size bed!


#2 Largest Car Racing Event

In 2014, a race event that was held in the USA to raise money for charity, turned out to attract 216 participating cars and took 14 and a half hours to complete.


#3 Most Used Cars Sold In A Year By A Single Person

In 2009, an American man named Don Diamond, sold a total of 540 cars that year – which adds up to an average of selling one and a half used cars for sale per day!


Yes, some healthy competition is something we love! Watch this space as Weelee.co.za keeps on pushing to give South Africans the best prices for their second hand cars – in the quickest times possible.

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