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If you’re trying to sell a used car, take a break and come along for the ride – we have some good news at the end of it! This week, we take a quick road trip ‘round the world to find out what’s currently happening – and what has happened – in the car industries of six of the most fascinating countries.

1) India

The Indian government did not accept the Honda Accord into the country in the 1980s when it would’ve been released in collaboration with Tata Motors. Ironically, when it was finally brought in later years, this model went on to become not only India’s first large luxury sedan, but also one of the most popular cars!




2) Australia

Besides having almost as many passenger cars (13.3 million) as there are adults, the Aussies also have many kangaroos crossing their roads! In 2016, nine out of 10 car accidents involved these animals, and the most incidences have been reported to occur in Queanbeyan, southeast New South Wales.




3) Italy

Between the beautiful cities of Rome and Milan lies a stretch of road that has legalised driving down it at the speed of 140km/h! Yes, the Autostrada del Sole is the “Sun Motorway” and we’re convinced this news of a high speed limit will brighten any adrenaline junkie’s day…




4) USA

No doubt, when we think of ‘America’ the first thing that comes to mind is ‘muscle cars’, of course! The most sought-after, highest value one is the Shelby Mustang – especially the 1967 and 1968 models, because they performed so well in drag races across the States.





While you may expect the car manufacturing industry to be booming across the world in general, the Chinese one in particular is living proof thereof – literally, living. New passenger car brands are popping up so frequently, the total number currently stands at a great 130! Look out for their Hanteng Autos, the country’s most recent release.




South Africa

Locally, the Toyota Hilux “bakkie” was the top seller in July 2017 with 3,100 copies sold! Also, coming in at a close second with 2,300 copies, the Ford Ranger is a very popular choice amongst South African drivers as well!




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