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Customer has a positive experience buying a car through Weelee

We are surviving some tough economic realities. This means that when we decide to sell or buy a car, we have to be rigorous with our checks to ensure we don’t end up being short-changed. When it comes to sourcing trustworthy, honest and reliable customer feedback, Hellopeter is South Africa’s go-to platform. You may have already checked out our opposition (We Buy Cars), but why not give Weelee a squizz? With a trust index rating of 10 out of 10, a net promoter score of 84 and an average rating of 4.79 from over 2 800 reviews, there must be a compelling reason to choose Weelee when it comes to sourcing used cars for sale or discovering a trustworthy place to sell your vehicle. 

We’ve gone through all our reviews and summed up the common themes emerging from our thousands of satisfied customers; revealing that Weelee really is a reliable option when it comes to choosing a platform to buy a used car or sell your old one.

#1 Simple & seamless process

When you need to sell your vehicle, the last thing you want is a mountain of paperwork or a complicated system to follow. You need an easy and reliable process that gets the job done effectively.

A customer experiences great service through Weelee

No need to worry about follow-up phone calls, indecipherable forms and lengthy waits. Weelee’s happy customers have described our process as efficient, safe, convenient, hassle-free, effortless, impressive and painless. 

Hassle-free selling process
Great service at Weelee

And the process of buying a car from Weelee Centurion is just as straightforward. But we’ll let our customers do the talking.

#2 Excellent, knowledgeable customer service

Going into a showroom where you (as a layman) know more about the cars on the floor than the salesperson is a laughable and exhausting process, making you wonder whether you are being taken for a ride (literally and metaphorically).

That’s why Weelee only employs informed, helpful and supportive staff to guide you along your car buying or selling journey.

Weelee Kempton Park

Our staff have been described as ‘friendly, speedy and professional’, helpful and accommodating in explaining all the processes step-by-step, understanding and polite and going out of their way to assist.

But let’s hear it from the reviewers on HelloPeter:

Amazing service at Weelee
Professional service through Weelee

#3 Fair, competitive prices

Let’s get real. The main reason South Africans shop around when wanting to sell or buy a car is because we want to make sure that we get the best possible deal. And Weelee has the same priorities. 

A man gives Weelee a positive review

That’s why many people first check out our major rival (We Buy Cars) and then get a second (usually better) quote from us to seal the deal.

Our customers speak about getting more than they imagined, receiving the ‘best offer’ or getting a ‘fair price’ with Weelee. Read their reviews:

Fair price at Weelee
Unbeatable offer through Weelee

#4 Fast, efficient sales

Life is busy with important deadlines, family responsibilities and daily tasks to attend to. We don’t have the time to take a week off work to scour through endless showrooms or polish up our used vehicle for a thousand people to test drive. We need a quick process and fast payment.

A man is excited to sell his car for a fair price with Weelee

Once again, we’ll let our customers do the talking:

Quick sales
Effortless selling process

Trust Weelee to buy, sell or trade-in your car

Now that you’ve read the reviews, there’s only one thing left to do: contact Weelee. Experience our easy process, 5-star service, awesome deals and fast sales for yourself.

Thousands of savvy South Africans can’t be wrong! Be Weelee sure. 
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