Where is the Best Place to Sell your Car?

In the overwhelming car market, this is the burning question: “Where is the best place to sell your car?” With Weelee, the answer is “Anywhere!”
Here’s the burning question: ‘Where is the best place to sell your car?’ Do you go to the second-hand dealership down the road? Do you sell it to a friend of a friend in the supermarket parking lot? Do you meet up with someone who showed the slightest interest in buying the car? Do you trade it in? There are so many questions, and seemingly, so many options. 

At Weelee, we are suggesting some of the best places where you can sell your car. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

1.   The Coffee Shop

As you sip on your steaming cup of hazelnut flavoured java in your local coffee shop, upload your vehicle’s details onto Weelee’s website. With one hand, select a couple of your car’s photos from your gallery and upload your car’s information; with the other, you can devour your red velvet cake. In those few minutes of solitude before your friend arrives for a catch-up, you’ll have taken the first, hassle-free step to sell your car.

For the best tips on taking stand-out photos of your car, read this helpful blog

2. The Waiting Room

As you wait in the doctor’s rooms for your regular check-up, Weelee will be evaluating your registration details. We will phone you with an estimated price for your vehicle, giving you an accurate assessment of your vehicle’s market value (so be completely honest about your vehicle’s details!). Based on the information you have provided, we will re-assess your estimated price and give you a more accurate number. This serves as the starting point for our dealers to bid higher and higher for your car. You’re about to sell your car for the best price.

3. The Netflix Couch

The next day is Netflix day, the day to binge your favourite series! As you lounge back and munch your popcorn, swipe open your screen and watch the offers coming in for your car. These come from our pre-approved dealers. The more they bid, the higher your price goes. As you watch the drama on your screen, watch your car’s price climb. Who said it’s not entertaining to sell your car? 

4. The School Parking Area

If you’re a parent, you spend a lot of time waiting – for your teenager to amble out of school or for your youngest’s soccer match to start. This is the ideal opportunity to select the highest bidder of your choice. Only then will your details and identity be revealed to the buyer. You are now set to sell your car. Weelee will take care of the paperwork, while you take care of your son’s grazed knee.

5. The … Anyplace, and Anytime!

You get the drift: wherever you are, you can sell your car. And since that rhymed, Weelee’s hassle-free process means you can spend more time honing your poetry skills – or whatever else your gig might be! 

With our fast and secure website, you can sell your car anywhere and anytime. In the space of a few clicks, you’ll be saying goodbye to your pre-loved vehicle. If you have any attachment issues, read this article on how we help you say goodbye to your car. 

Pop over to our website and see how simple it really is to sell your car through Weelee!


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