Can Someone Sell Your Car for You? Yes, Weelee Can!

Can Someone Sell Your Car for You? Yes, Weelee Can!
We get it. Sometimes, you just want someone to do the hard work for you. When you were a kid, you could enjoy acting out the fun parts of adult life (like playing ‘Doctor, Doctor’ or ‘Teacher, Teacher’ in the backyard), without worrying about any of the responsibilities. But now, faced with the challenges of growing up, you probably want somebody to step up and do the difficult tasks (like laundry and taxes!) for you so that you can get back to the good life! And if you’re wondering whether somebody – anybody – could sell your car for you, we’re putting our hands up and saying, “Yes! Weelee can!

What will Weelee do for you?

We will organise your details and provide you with a quote.

Registration on our website is free and easy, so all you have to do is show up! Simply upload your details on our website, including information like mileage, tyre condition, and four images of your car. You do not need to worry about which details to provide. In Paint-by-Numbers style, Weelee tells you exactly what information to upload. We then give you an estimate quote, so you can avoid the homework of finding your car’s market-related value.

We will provide you with buyers. 

No more hunting for buyers who are vaguely interested! With hundreds of trustworthy, pre-approved dealers on our site, you are guaranteed immediate buyers who want to bid for your car and are ready with cash to buy it. These are no time wasters. Buying cars is what they do.  

We will get you the very best cash price.

Because there are so many buyers bidding for your car, your sale price will soar. It’s simple – the higher the demand, the higher the price. Remember, the estimated price we give you is only to get you started. Instead of being the price that will be negotiated down, it is the price that sets the bar for higher bids. 

We will protect your privacy.

Weelee keeps you anonymous. Our system blurs your registration number and keeps your name and other personal details private until you choose the buyer you are happy with. There is no obligation to accept any offer and potential buyers won’t know anything about you (so they won’t be able to Google search your life story!).

If you’re looking for someone to sell your car for you, Weelee can … and Weelee will! With all the best things guaranteed – trustworthy buyers, a safe system, privacy, the best cash price – it’s the obvious option for anyone. You can get back to the fun stuff in life because the grass really is greener on the Weelee side.

Visit our website and see for yourself.

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