Why so many South Africans are choosing to ‘Weelee it’

South Africans express positive reviews about their experience of selling their cars

South Africans, by nature, are loyalists. We will support Kaizer Chiefs or Orlando Pirates until the last whistle is blown at the PSL, or conversely, shout at the referee when The Lions aren’t playing rugby with their usual flair at the URC. In the same vein, Gogo’s 7-colour Sunday lunch secret ingredient passes effortlessly from grandmother to granddaughter and the whole family uses Zam-Buk from oldest to youngest. We always buy Tastic rice, Koo baked beans, All Gold tomato sauce and Mrs H.S. Balls chutney because it has been tried, tested and trusted. And so has the decision to ‘Weelee it’ when it comes to selling your car.

We’ve compiled some of the common themes from our Facebook reviews to demonstrate why South Africans are turning to us to sell their cars, just like they place Ouma rusks in their shopping trolleys without a second thought:

#1 Hassle-free process

No-one wants to sell a car online if it means endless admin, ongoing follow-ups with the dealership and challenges with online technicalities. 

Weelee’s user-friendly online platform means you can upload your vehicle with ease and within a few hours the offers will begin to stream in.

Weelee review

When you decide to ‘Weelee it’, you’re guaranteed a safe, stress-free experience. Forget the risk of selling privately or getting a below-par price through trade-ins. 

Locals are pleased by the service, efficiency & price they received when selling their car

#2 First-rate service

At Weelee, we strive to ‘exceed expectations’, provide ‘world-class communication’ throughout the selling process and ‘go above and beyond’ for our customers. (These are just some of the phrases our clients have used to describe us).

Our knowledgeable team provides customers with friendly service and expert advice throughout the selling process. 

But we’ll let the reviews speak for themselves:

Weelee review
Weelee review

#3 Speedy sales

Time is of the essence in every sphere of 21st-century business and life. People are busy and don’t have time to wait around for the best deal. 

At Weelee, we value your time and only ask you to provide us with essential car-selling information. Our sales staff work hard to hold your hand throughout the process and update you on any progress as it happens. Sellers are given timeous obligation-free offers, which is what keeps our customers happy.

Weelee review
Weelee review
Man is impressed with the competitive cash price he received for his car thanks to Weelee

#4 Best price

In today’s tough times, it’s vital that you get the best bang for your buck when selling your car. 

Customers have shared their praise for the ‘immediate payment’, ‘best price’, ‘fantastic offers’ and ‘market-related value’  when they opted to ‘Weelee it’. Others have reported getting ‘way more than expected’ or ‘way above what competitors offered’. 

Weelee review
Weelee review
Young man shares positive reviews based on his hassle-free online experience

Join our community of satisfied customers

At Weelee, satisfying customers every day is what drives us forward and that commitment has been tried, tested and trusted by our fellow South Africans. 

Make the decision to ‘Weelee it’ as effortless as choosing which team to support at the PSL. 

With a 4.7-star rating on Hellopeter and hundreds of positive reviews on various platforms, there’s no reason to second-guess where you should sell your car.

‘Weelee it’ and find out why!
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