Why Weelee? Here are 3 Simple Reasons

Whatever the reason, the time has come to sell your pre-owned car. The option of trading it in or selling it privately is time-consuming and a real schlepp. The alternative? Sell your car online. You may ask, ‘Are you kidding?’ No, we are not. We realise that the ‘sell your car online’ option may fill you with trepidation. ‘So much could go wrong, couldn’t it?’ It could – but fear not! Weelee rides in to save the day and is here to allay your fears.

You’re not convinced? 

Take 5 and read our 3 reasons why Weelee is the best place to sell your car online. We are confident we can change your mind.

#1 Weelee is the easiest place to find online

At Weelee, we are pedantic and professional about many things. We are a business focused on customer satisfaction and guaranteed outcomes – for all parties. Our reputation depends on it.

But when it comes to you spelling our name, we take more of a laissez-faire approach. We really don’t care about your spelling proficiency. You do not have to spell correctly to find us. In fact, if you type ‘Wheely’, ‘Wheelie’ or ‘Weelie’ in your Google search, we are the first options to appear on your screen. That saves you a lot of time and unnecessary scrolling. (Who has time for that?).

You could even ask a child to do the initial search, and no matter how they spell ‘Weelee’, we will be found! So when predictive text takes over your search – that is not a problem. You will still find us. Go ahead and try it. What could be easier than that?

#2 Weelee is the easiest platform to use

One of the guarantees we are really proud of is how convenient, hassle-free and user-friendly our online platform is. It is almost like child’s play.

Just as spelling is not a huge issue to us at Weelee, we also don’t waste our words. Simple and clear is always the best approach. As an online platform, our favourite words are ‘safe,’ ‘easy’ and ‘quick.’ Our favourite key phrase, besides ‘sell your car online,’ is: ‘best cash price.’ 

All you have to do is enter your car’s details to get an instant quote. Then sit back and simply watch the offers come in live – from the comfort of your home or while doing coffee.

The best part? We offer free registration, minimal requirements and no obligation to accept any offers at all. You are in the driver’s seat and in control of the entire online process. How easy is that?

If you need further convincing on this point – please read this blog where our satisfied customers share their personal Weelee stories and experiences.

#3 Weelee is the easiest path to getting the best price

Weelee confidently promises that you will get the best price for your car. How can we promise that? Easy! ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating.` Our approach is unique – we have reputable and pre-approved dealers ready and waiting, with cash, to bid on your car.

You have one niggle – and we alluded to it earlier – how safe is all of this? Conspiracy theories and alarmist terminology like ‘identity theft’ might be entering your thoughts. Rest assured. Weelee is completely safe and secure. Besides guaranteeing 100% anonymity, we employ 128 bit SSL encryption technology, the number plates of your uploaded photos are blurred, and any personal details are only shared after you have accepted an offer. 

Read about how our pre-approved dealers are your new BFFs when you sell your car online at Weelee here.


If you are ready to sell your car online, then Weelee is the easiest place to find, the easiest platform to use and the easiest path to getting the best cash price – guaranteed.

So go ahead – order a cappuccino – and try us out. What have you got to lose?

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