ANYONE can sell their car online, ANYTIME and ANYWHERE

Sell your car online
Not only is the world and its dog online – we have written an entire blog on this – but almost everything seems to be online. In fact, most of life seems to have gone online – from ordering groceries, to submitting your SARS returns, to online schooling, to presenting webinars, to applying for a new ID doc and investigating your family tree. Of course, a lot of ‘doing online’ takes a lot of time and can come with a lot of schlepp. So, when you hear you can sell your car online, technophobes and busy people (that’s all of us) may assume it also comes with a lot of hassle. But you couldn’t be more wrong!

Weelee’s simple and convenient online experience and innovative bidding platform have completely transformed the world of online car selling. If you Weelee it – in case you haven’t heard, we are now a verb – you will have a seamless experience, guaranteed.

ANYONE can sell their car online

We do not discriminate. As long as you are legal and have a car to sell, you can sell it online at Weelee. It is really uncomplicated and that is what makes it so convenient. There is no need to procrastinate as there are not pages and pages of ambiguous and complicated online forms to fill in. 

Just sit back and relax, because selling your car the Weelee way is so easy.

You don’t even have to navigate beyond our home page

  1. Simply submit your car’s details with a few photos.
  2. You will receive confirmation of your submission via email and WhatsApp after which your personal consultant will call you.
  3. The bidding will then begin, giving you access to over 1000 pre-approved and trusted dealers ready to bid for your car, ensuring you get the best possible offer.
  4. An email with the highest bid will be sent to you which you are under no obligation to accept. But should you accept, your personal Weelee consultant will be in touch to arrange the sale with the winning dealer. (This will also be the first time your personal details will be disclosed). 
  5. The dealer with the winning offer will arrange an inspection to ensure your car matches your profile (all offers are subject to inspection). The paperwork will then be completed, payment arranged, and the sale concluded.

Not just ANYONE will buy your car

Who will buy your car is an important consideration in a world of “liars, cheats and backstabbing snakes.” (Line from the movie, Leap Year). This is where we do discriminate. If you choose to Weelee your car, only our pre-approved, reputable and vetted dealers will be able to bid on your car. This not only also gives you access to a competitive industry that will only benefit the final price you get for your car but it is also a unique advantage of selling your car online. 

Not just ANYONE will have your back

You really do not have to do this on your own. As a Weelee customer, you are a SOMEBODY, you are family, and we put you first. Our attentive and highly professional online team will be there to assist you every step of the way, with your personal expert consultant being just a phone call or WhatsApp away. 

Surely it cannot get easier or more convenient than that? Actually, it can!

Sell your car ANYTIME and ANYWHERE 

If you are selling your car online, there is also no pressure and no deadlines. You could be hiking in the Drakensberg, chilling on the beach in Durbs, or having coffee atop Table mountain. You could also just be in sitting in your kitchen doing an online course. You could even wake up in the middle of the night and decide to sell your car. As long as you have data or access to wifi, Weelee’s online convenience is your friend – anytime, anywhere. 

Need to sell your car? What are you waiting for? Simply Weelee it today!

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