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Sell your car online
Hands up who enjoys waiting in line? Exactly! We all hate waiting in queues. From airports, supermarkets and doctor’s rooms to petrol stations, traffic jams and Home Affairs, impatience and frustration rank high when individuals are required to wait in line. Apart from inefficiency and disrespect, waiting in long queues tends to bring out the worst in all of us; that lurking inner demon who only surfaces when your time is unnecessarily wasted. So, it is refreshing to know that if you need to sell your car online, there is no waiting in line if you choose to Weelee it!

We get it. Queues suck and selling your car sucks. That is why at Weelee, waiting and selling your car is an oxymoron. (We thought this was apt seeing we are already a verb). 

Selling your car online at Weelee means you can skip the queues and there is no waiting to get your car uploaded and sold. From our side, we are talking about a 24-hour turnaround time from start to finish. Any delays lie squarely at your door.

Sellers don’t wait in line

There is no waiting in any online queues when you decide to Weelee your car. You really are front in line. Within minutes you can upload your car’s details online and within minutes you will get a Whatsapp from one of our team, followed, within the hour, by a call back from your personal Weelee consultant. We don’t waste your time. 

Note one of our taglines: quick and easy – emphasis on quick!  Put another way, Weelee promises a  fast, safe and hassle-free”  experience when you sell your car online.

Meghan H completely agrees. This is what she had to say on hellopeter: “A friend told me about Weelee and I thought, ‘Why not give it a try?’ My car was sold WITHIN TWO DAYS. Definitely beats all the fuss of private selling.”

Lumka M’s testimonial is similar: “The process was really simple and VERY QUICK when selling my car. I truly love the support that I received from the (Weelee) team. Keep up the good work.”

Ananda J was just as gushing: “Friendly and VERY QUICK to give feedback when selling my car. I submitted my info online with ease and received a call back WITHIN MINUTES. 23 HOURS LATER I had an estimation to be confirmed after inspection.”

Fast, efficient service and a quick sale for the best cash price are just two of our Weelee promises – promises we take really seriously! 

Dealers do wait in line

The only people waiting in line are our 1000s of pre-approved and reputable dealers who are waiting to bid on your car. And they don’t mind waiting – it is their job. They are also the reason you have access to such a reliable and competitive online market when selling your car on our innovative platform. 

As soon as your car is uploaded, you can sit back in comfort, or continue doing what you love, and watch the bids start coming in over the next 24 hours. You are under no obligation to accept any bids, but if you do, your Weelee consultant will immediately be in contact with you to arrange an inspection by the winning dealer. 

A nifty Weelee tip: If you do happen to find yourself waiting in a long queue, leverage that time by uploading your car on our simple online platform and share your hassle-free experience with others in the queue. We guarantee it will reduce your frustration levels! It’s all about sharing the Weelee positivity. 

Weelee it

Here at Weelee, we are true to our word – we don’t want to waste any more of your time!

Simply go online today and sell your car the Weelee way. It will mean no queues, no waiting and the best cash deal possible!

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