Car modification do’s and don’ts to sell your car for more

Car modifications to sell your car for more

‘To modify, or not to modify, that is the question.’ Perhaps it is one that you wished you had asked when initially splashing the cash on upgrades rather than the post-reflection when needing to sell your car for more. Remember, any potential increase in value as a result of modifications is subjective; what you may consider an attractive upgrade may be dismissed as “hideously ugly” or downright unsellable by potential buyers. 

This blog may serve as a wake-up call to those who thought that eyelashes on the headlights or a lowered suspension would eventually bring you a return on investment! However, there are certain modifications that actually do increase the value of your used car in the long term, allowing you to sell your car for more. 

Separated by interior and exterior upgrades, here is Weelee’s list of do’s and Don’ts when tackling the mod factor of your car for sale.  

Potentially sell your car for more with these interior alterations

Air Conditioning

This is perhaps the smartest modification you could make to your used vehicle, particularly if it is an older model that lacks the latest specs of its successor. With the advent of smart air conditioning, not only does it serve to keep passengers cool in summer and toasty in the winter, but it also keeps your entire vehicle operating at an optimal temperature. It can even detect overheating issues that will potentially save you significantly on costly repairs. 

Add an aircon to sell your car for more

Bluetooth and digital audio systems

While this is not absolutely necessary, we’ve become accustomed to wireless technology and streaming music to our car speakers. This doesn’t mean splashing out on the latest Bose or Bowers and Wilkins in-car entertainment. But it does offer the potential buyer the convenience of great and reliable in-car entertainment for their future journeys ahead. 

Don’t bank on these interior car mods to maximise your used car’s sale price

Custom Interior

Your negotiation tactics might be applauded but, at the end of the day, a custom interior is the preference of the current owner and shouldn’t expect to be priced into a potential sale. Rather invest in our car cleaning hacks when selling your car to give your vehicle’s interior a solid first impression in the used car marketplace. 

Car with customised interior and bucket seats

Racing Seats

This interior addition might add flair and secure you a fan feature in Top Gear magazine but they are more likely to reduce the resale value of your vehicle. Simply put, potential buyers trust original manufacturer parts in a vehicle over aftermarket additions. While bucket seats might appeal to the budding petrolhead, it is a modification worth avoiding. 

In short, if you are looking to spend a little more when getting ready to sell your car, rather invest it in upgrading essential items such as wipers, mats, and lights

Exterior modifications that do allow you to sell your car for more

Parking sensors and reverse camera

While these important safety upgrades can be used together, or independently, they are a welcome fitting to any car, particularly for busy urban areas. Parking sensors consist of ultrasonic sensors that emit an increasing beep to detect obstacles in the path of your vehicle. Reverse cameras, as the name suggests, prevent you from hitting obstacles when reversing or parking. They are a great (and potentially profitable) addition to many prospective buyers. 

Car with rear view camera

High-performance tyres

While this particular upgrade is not available to all drivers, there are a host of benefits to upgrading from all-season tires that can turn the wheel positively in negotiations and allow you to sell your car for more. Driving safety is significantly improved, offering current and future drivers improved grip, better heat resistance, and a better grip for improved braking distance and handling. With the price of tyres set to increase in the coming months, this might just be the essential modification you never knew you needed to get.

External mod factors that don’t check out on the used car marketplace

Lowered Suspensions

Never far from view at your local shopping mall, intentionally lowered cars are not just a headache for navigating our potholed streets – they are potentially illegal. Not to mention, your insurance broker quickly running for his premium calculator to factor in the potential carnage of a lowered suspension. Over all else, it is a modification that is most likely to lower your final selling price. 

Vehicle with lowered suspension and modified rims

Personalised Exterior

You may appreciate personalised mags, spoilers, spinning rims and underbody neon lights, not everyone will. If you think they still do, we need to have a word! Rather spend any extra cash you may have, on these tips to get your car ready for a satisfactory sale. 

‘Weelee it’ for a souped-up sale

Whether your nearly-new sedan is ready for its future buyer or you are ready to part with your modified classic, you will find the largest pool of reputable buyers on Weelee. Sellers can upload their vehicle details (and all those awesome modifications) and list their vehicles via a live auction. We ensure that you can sell your car for more, putting moola into your pocket towards the next car project.

If you are proud of what you’ve invested into your trusted old vehicle, don’t just sell it, Weelee it!
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