“I need to sell my car” | 4 Care-free reasons to choose Weelee

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Don’t you just love the expression, “The best things in life are free?” The idea of not having to spend a single cent to enjoy a product or experience that you can’t just pick off a shelf! When you’ve decided that “Now is the time to sell my car,” you should also be entitled to the freedom of choice and a care-free, stress-free experience (and needless expense) to get the best cash price on the market for your pre-loved vehicle. 

At Weelee, we think Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson were definitely onto something much greater when they penned the classic 1992 duet. Moreover, we believe it should transcend love and life experiences into those bigger life decisions in which something must give way to make space for something better. (Like selling your car on our platform for free).

If you’ve been thinking, “I need to sell my car through a partner that facilitates great cash offers and seamless, professional service,” then here are four reasons why you should park all other avenues and choose Weelee. (Not only are you in for a free ride, but we are pretty sure we also know exactly what boxes you want to be ticked).

#1 “I want to sell my car for its maximum current value”

Receiving the best cash price for your car – considering its current condition as well as its mileage – is likely to be top of mind when listing your used car for sale. At Weelee, you not only receive a single offer but multiple others from interested and experienced buyers. With these serious buyers bidding for your vehicle, the selling price escalates until you are satisfied that you are getting the best possible cash deal. Speaking of free – all offers are obligation-free, and you can accept or decline offers of your own free will – no questions asked

#2 “I want to sell on a secure, online platform”

It’s natural that you may be apprehensive about listing and selling your vehicle on an online platform. But rest assured, The Protection of Personal Information Act is something we take seriously at Weelee. Our online platform is protected and constantly updated – with 256bit SSL encryption – keeping the cybercriminals at bay and only disclosing your details once a deal has been confirmed. Moreover, we apply number-plate blurring technology to protect both your identity and that of your valuable asset.

#3 “I need 5-star service when I sell my car 

While our registration process is automated to get your car listed on our platform and quickly on the radar of potential buyers, we also have a dedicated team behind our Weelee brand promise. No question is too complicated or silly for our customer service team who are always ready to offer expert, friendly advice along the way. We also regularly update our FAQ page to answer commonly asked questions related to selling your used car. 

“I need to sell my car quickly but don't know where to get the best service & price.” Here are four reasons why you'll never go wrong when you ‘Weelee it’

#4 “I expect a hassle-free experience when selling my car online”

Nobody wants to deal with numerous visits, constant email communication and time-wasters when selling their car in 2022. Weelee’s free proposition extends to a hassle-free experience – from upload to final offer. Our innovative online platform guides you seamlessly through each step of the process while a personal consultant is allocated to you to help you along the way. Most importantly, expect no hiccups or delays on the transactional side with full payment swiftly made by the successful buyer as soon as the inspection and paperwork have been finalised. 

Weelee – Sell your car for more and always for free

Keeping the process simple, the service efficient and facilitating final offers better than anywhere else is what gets us excited in the fast-paced used car marketplace. Selling your car on Weelee is also “mahala,” meaning there will never be any nasty surprises or hidden fees lurking behind your final offer price. 

With a TrustIndex rating of 10/10 and rated #2 in the Automotive industry by HelloPeter, Weelee takes the sting out of saying goodbye to your old car and “Hello” to easy registration, unrivalled customer service and the best possible deal.

Once you’ve made up your mind and declared, “I’m now ready to sell my car,” don’t just sell it, “Weelee it.”
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