Factors to consider when selling your Car

As young kids growing up, we covet cars and dream of the day we pass our licence test and purchase our first automobile – a grand step into the world of responsibilities, independence, and adventure. When the time comes to trade in your used car for a newer and better model, you need to become acquainted with the various factors to consider when selling your car. Adopting clever steps such as taking out car insurance and ensuring your vehicle is regularly serviced can go a long way in sustaining the value of your asset. However, other factors can come into play when listing your car for sale in the wide and competitive used-car market. Consider these key elements when selling your car, and it will go a long way in ensuring that you get a good – or at least fair -deal, when trading in your old wheels.


This should top your list of factors to consider. A vehicle which has clocked up high mileage has naturally gone through wear and tear on its many journeys. Many auto manufacturers limit their service plans to 100,000kms, and for good reason. Second cars tend to incur more frequent problems, maintenance becomes a regular factor, and wear and tear can affect fuel-efficiency, making it more expensive to run. These factors combined will depreciate the value of your car, even if it is polished to perfection on the exterior.

Condition is Key!

A car’s condition, unlike mileage numbers, is more subjective between the buyer and seller. What the seller might view as superficial damage, can be perceived as something much more serious in the eyes of a potential buyer. This regularly becomes a key negotiating point in determining the value when selling your car. As a rule of thumb, follow your service plan religiously. Full Service History is as important as mileage when determining the value of a vehicle. It means the car has been taken care of and the “history” is fully documented and transparent. Keeping your car in tip-top condition can have a positive impact in determining its value in the marketplace.

A few questions to factor in

While mileage and condition remain the most important factors to consider when selling your car, we recommend you add some of these questions to your checklist.

Does my manufacturer distribute in South Africa?

A car make and model with locally available parts and maintenance work in your favour when promoting to a potential buyer.

How personalized, and modified is my vehicle?

While expensive flashy rims, gigantic speakers and mega-sized wheels might have fulfilled that childhood dream, it is generally worthless to the majority of your market when selling your car. Expect buyers to drive a hard bargain, as personalized cars rarely add value when selling your car.

What car features can negotiate a greater value?

While there are numerous, our pick of features includes; fixing all dents, installing a tracking device, valet your car and ensuring your lights are fully working.


Weelee is a South African online platform that facilitates in exchange your used car for cash. Weelee operates on an approach that makes the process of selling your car ‘Safe, Secure and Simple”. Any car owner can simply register their vehicle, and offer to sell online to lots of pre-approved cash buyers in a safe and secure environment. You are ensured the highest price offered with no obligation to transact if you are not comfortable. Best of all, it is completely free, with no hidden costs attached. Contact Weelee today to find out how you can get the best price out there when selling your car in 2018.

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