How to successfully Sell your Car Online in SA

As more channels open up for motorists to sell and trade their vehicles, many sellers pose themselves the question, “how can I successfully sell my car online, safely and at the best possible price?” In our previous Blog article, as a precursor to this topic, we outlined the most important factors to consider when selling your car. Selling vehicles online is a completely different ball game to the classified papers and magazine route we were accustomed to, in our early trading days. Not only has the internet allowed us to instantly upload our product to the marketplace in the space of a few clicks, it has also opened up a huge potential customer reach. Deals are being made daily, between Durban and Joburg, Inter-Cape and into neighboring countries. Stick to these basics below, to make your car advert stand out from the crowd and draw plenty of genuine offers when selling your vehicle.

Take Quality Photos to showcase your Car’s condition

“A picture paints a thousands words”. However, time and time again, we are presented with dark, blurry and unclean car images – an instant deterrent to potential buyers. Imagine your vehicle as the cover image of a magazine. Be creative with your car shots, use good lighting and take pictures from all angles to showcase your vehicle in all its glory. At Weelee, we encourage sellers to upload 4 images, providing a good front, back and side illustration of your car. Above all, let your photos show an honest picture of the current condition of the car. This will build trust with your potential buyer and draw more bids for your car.

Be Responsive to your Enquiries

Remember, potential buyers are browsing through thousands of cars online in order to find the perfect set of wheels. If they make the effort to contact you, be prompt and professional in responding to them. Respond to that Voicemail, WhatsApp those extra pictures requested, and hustle to make that sale. At Weelee, we become your intermediary, automating the auction and bidding system. The buyer even handles the paperwork and admin. Best of all, we only approve serious buyers who offer realistic prices for you to consider.

Make your Keywords stand out.

The used car market is renowned for its keywords. In order for your Ad to get noticed, make clever use of keywords in the headline and vehicle details. Buyers are on the lookout for attractive features such as “fuel efficient”, “low mileage”, “accident-free”, “convertible” etc.

At Weelee, we take you through the process step-by-step, ensuring you fill in the all-important details and answer the million dollar questions our buyers want to know.

Other noteworthy steps you should take to successfully sell your car include;

  • Take your Car for a Valet – present your car for sale in showroom condition!
  • Get your paperwork organized. Make sure everything is up to date, including registration and fines.
  • Spot a scam before it’s too late – only part with your car when funds have cleared in your account.


Selling your car online is a hugely competitive and often daunting marketplace for the unfamiliar seller. At Weelee, we aim to re-address the apprehension and mistrust that often deters private sellers by creating an online platform providing a quick, safe and easy way to sell their car to the highest bidder. Why sell with Weelee? – We have hundreds of pre-approved buyers who are serious about buying cars, it translates into more interested buyers and increasing cash offers for your car. If you are not satisfied with the highest price offered, you are free to withdraw your car from auction. The best part -You will NEVER pay a Fee for using Weelee. You’ve got nothing to lose. Don’t sell your car – Weelee it!

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