Quick Guide: How To Sell Second Hand Cars

The first question you need to ask yourself before taking the first step in selling your car has to do with how much time and patience you have for the process. That’s if you plan on doing it properly and safely, of course.

Sure, you won’t be wrong to assume there are lots of people out there looking for used cars for sale. However, if you’re fishing in the public pool of potential buyers, it requires a great deal of effort on your part to suss it all out – from maintaining contact and arranging meet-ups, to obtaining credentials and verifying personal details.

After all, you want to be 110% sure you’re getting the full cash payment in exchange for your car – especially after going the extra mile in securing the sale!

If you need to get rid of any old car quickly, you’ll run the risk of having to negotiate its price. Plus, a ton of second thoughts on how credible a dealer really is will be running through your mind.

So, to help you out, take a look at the breakdown that sums up three key points to consider when you want to start advertising.

Take a look at your target market

To sell a used car for the amount you want, you’ll need to be realistic about your expectations. This means setting a reasonable, competitive price. The fact of the matter is that any vehicle depreciates in value with each passing year, so check what other second hand cars in your city are selling for.

Keep taking care of your car

For old times’ sake, give your car some tender, loving care – that’s TLC, for short! Start with the exterior by checking in at a trusted panel beater for dent repair and an expert paintwork touch-up. When it comes to the interior, replacing tactile items such as the steering wheel and gear lever allows us to ask for more cash for cars with confidence. To top it all off, pay your nearest car valet centre a visit for a professional shampoo and wax, and a decent engine clean!

Look the part 24/7

No matter the platform(s) you choose, make a good first impression! As a used car seller, be polite and articulate in your communication with potential buyers even if they don’t initially seem overly enthusiastic! See yourself as the voice of your car – the ‘personality’ behind it, if you will. Keep in mind that when you run a classified ad, you’ll have to be prepared to answer calls and respond to text messages after working hours, too. Should you miss any call without the person leaving a voice message, it would be wise to return it as soon as possible.

Our recommendation is to sell your car online, though, because it facilitates the entire selling/buying process in a quick, efficient and ultra-secure environment! Registration for sellers is free and all buyers are pre-approved, which means cars are viewed on the Weelee.co.za website and competed for with cash offers only.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you out! Otherwise, catch us on Facebook @WeeleeSA for more tips on how to sell your car without wasting time and, more importantly, without settling for less!

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