Determining the Final Price when Selling your Used Car

When selling your used car, the final sale price of the vehicle will arguably be the most debatable aspect of the transaction. While you find yourself inundated with generous offers, there may inevitably be a difference between the initial price offered by a buyer for your used vehicle, and the final price agreed upon by both parties. There are two core reasons for this, which will be discussed in the weelee Blog. Firstly, each car is as individual as its previous owner. No two used vehicles can be classified as the same, as the condition of a vehicle paints a description of its journey prior to being placed back on the marketplace. This was discussed at length in our previous Blog, which underlined the importance of being upfront about the condition of your used car when selling. Secondly, both the seller and the buyer use different criteria to estimate the car’s value. This article aims to give you a realistic viewpoint on the cash amount you can expect to receive, given the factors that will come into play when arriving at the final sale price.

Transparency is Key!

When registering your used car in the online marketplace, many platforms will offer you a ‘guide price’ as an estimated book value of your vehicle. Be advised, this is by no means a contract or solid quote. It is merely a valuation of the rough worth of your car and is dependent on you disclosing, openly and transparently, the current condition of your vehicle. By lying about a key condition of your car or not disclosing any historical damage to your car, it will adversely affect the sale when a buyer comes to inspect. The best advice we can give is, to be honest about any negative aspects of your used car. Buyers appreciate it – it paints a realistic picture of what they’re purchasing and allows a fair price to be negotiated. A buyer is never going to ‘overpay’ for a vehicle that doesn’t match the description on the internet.

Work on your Negotiation

If you’ve followed the information shared in our previous blogs, you should be clued up on best preparing your used car for selling. Be mindful that your instinct is to get the highest possible price for your vehicle, whereas the potential buyer will drive a hard bargain to lower the final price offered. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, a buyer will never overpay, while you should be under no pressure to undersell. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you take your used vehicle to a trusted dealership for an expert opinion. If you’ve acquired a solid valuation, you have something to work with. The best price will be achieved through solid negotiation skills.

Weelee –  Sell your car online

At Weelee, we understand that there’s a different price for every used car. Our business model works by providing an online platform for the public to list and sell their used car online, simply and safely. Be mindful that many factors can affect a car’s price but be sure to promote all the extras that can increase its value. What we do guarantee, is a safe and secure platform of genuine, pre-approved dealers bidding for your car.  Sell your car by Registering  online today, and watch serious cash offers come in. Don’t just sell it, Weelee it.

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