Being upfront about Vehicle Condition when Selling your Used Car

Your vehicle condition is one of the most important aspects of disclosure when uploading and selling your used car online. We cannot stress enough, the significance of being upfront about any damage or alterations that might have affected your used vehicle. If your used vehicles condition is affected by a few minor scratches and bumps, it should not cause too much fuss when the buyer comes to collect. However, we’ve heard a few horror stories, and deals being scuppered at the last minute by the failure of the seller to inform the buyer of existing damage. Through our Blog, we highlight everything you need to prepare, to successfully sell your used car online. Follow our tips on documenting your vehicle condition to ensure a smooth, and successful sale that satisfies both parties.

Service History – Documented Proof of Condition

Keeping service records is your tangible proof that you have looked after your vehicle’s condition. It opens a level of transparency with your potential buyer that reassures them that you are being open about any defects or repairs. Buyers will appreciate this, and builds trust in anticipation of closing the deal. Think about any major services you may have, and cross-check that you have diagnostics and reports. If something is missing, check through your emails, or give the dealership a call to attain more documents. If you bought your car as new, you can confidently detail the condition of your car. A well looked-after used car, with one previous owner is the dream seller, in the eyes of the pre-approved dealers competing for your car on the Weelee platform.

Has your Used Vehicle been involved in an accident?

If you have been the only owner of the vehicle you’re selling – this will be straightforward to disclose. However, you can’t vouch entirely for the honesty of the previous owner. Accident damage can be cleverly concealed behind panels and resprays. At Weelee, we don’t carry out any pre-inspections of cars that we place on auction. We strongly advise that if the car has been involved in any prior accident that you detail any damage that was done. Dealers definitely appreciate the transparency and will be more likely to buy from you, as an honest and upfront seller. If you’re unsure and want to avoid any embarrassment, we recommend you take your car for the once-over at an approved dealership (See List) The vehicle condition and any historical accidental damage can be identified and a revised valuation of your used car will need to be carried out. If you’re unsure, get a pre-sell inspection!

Identify Issues you didn’t even know About

When selling your used car, you will be optimistic about getting the maximum price for your vehicle.  However, the buyer will be putting your vehicle condition under the [microscope] for factors that might warrant a revaluation. Dealers know what to look for in the condition of a used car, but are not overly concerned about minimal scratches that have built up over time. Rather disclose than not. Condition includes both cosmetic and mechanical. If you know of anything that you think might be wrong – disclose it. brakes/clutch slipping/ etc etc).


At Weelee we are committed to providing you with a safe, simple and quick platform to sell your used car for the best cash price. After make/model and mileage, vehicle condition will have the most significant impact on the final price you receive for your used car. An integral part of the Weelee registration process involves describing your car accurately, both through descriptions and images. The more details you disclose, the more comfortable our pre-approved cash buyers will be, to compete for your car and offer you serious cash bids. We’re here to help – if you have any questions, feel free to email us at  Don’t just sell it, Weelee it!

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