Think Like a Dealer

Driving around of late, have you noticed that we are being bombarded with signs saying “we buy your car”, “sell your car to us”. The most animated sign on our work commute generously declares “Sell your car and still drive it”. The deciding and most complicated factor in the transaction is, how much will you, as the used seller, receive for your vehicle? Used Automobiles do not have fixed or list prices – it all boils down to the clever negotiation between seller and buyer. This ties directly into our previous Blog article which outlined the main factors that help to determine the final price when selling your used car.

By ‘thinking like a dealer’, you can anticipate how they set their price and anchor your negotiations to get the possible price when selling your vehicle. Take note of the following Dealer Dilemmas to sway the bargaining process.

  • “It’s going to need quite an amount of work to re-sell after we buy your car!”

Of course it’s going to need some touch-up in order for the dealer to re-sell. As the used car seller, you can bring that figure down by visiting a reputable mechanic or service department of selling. They will assess your vehicle and advise. Fix everything you can and declare the service history. After mileage,  condition is key in the eyes of the car dealer.

  • “After we buy your car, it’s going to need a serious clean.”

This should seem common sense, but it’s astonishing how many cars are uploaded online in a messy state filthy condition, affecting its trade-in value. Cleaning your car is not just a wash and polish – dust and dirt can find its way into the remotest parts of the vehicle. Take your used vehicle for a thorough presale valet. It gives the dealer a quicker turnaround to re-sell your car and fewer excuses to drop the price, making it a more attractive prospect.

  • “When we buy your car, that’s all we offer for your specific make and model”

Knowledge is power when it comes to selling your specific used vehicle make and model. A good indicator of the value of your particular vehicle is the popularity (or lack of) of the newest model in the new car sales market. If current South African vehicle statistics show that consumers lust after your particular car, you can be sure that there will be a healthy demand for it, and a ready buyer waiting to snap it up.

Find out what similar prices are being offered for your used vehicle while weighing it up against the mileage and condition of the car. Prepare yourself for what you may be offered, understand there needs to be a profit made down the line, but don’t be taken advantage.


At Weelee, do we buy your car directly? No – but we generate you lots of serious cash offers.

But Why Weelee?

We facilitate a safe and secure online platform whereby you can upload and sell your used car to a network of pre-approved dealers. Registration is a simple process – your used car is loaded onto our online auction, and you can sit back and watch as dealers bid for your car for the highest price. There is no Fee payable to you, and no obligation to sell if you’re not satisfied with the highest bid. You really have nothing to lose. Register Today to sell your used car quickly and safely. Don’t just sell it, Weelee it!

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