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When it comes to consumer experiences, South Africans talk and fellow South Africans listen to what they have to say. South Africans also do their homework, checking reviews and star ratings, and these are powerful persuaders. Our bright green Weelee billboards may capture your attention, our social media posts may keep you up-to-date and get us some likes, and our blogs may be inspired pieces of content, but the really serious business of reviews takes place on hellopeter. Word of mouth referrals is vitally important to any business and if we are missing the mark, it will be loud and clear on the hellopeter platform. 

At Weelee, we pride ourselves on our commitment to service, delivering on our promises (check them out on one of our blogs), 😉  and putting our customers first. That is a tall order and hellopeter – an online platform connecting local businesses and customers – is the first place people go to share the good, the bad and the ugly. 

It is all about the reviews and so we are delighted to inform you that we rank high on 5-star reviews where customers have taken the time to give their feedback and leave a review. It keeps us accountable and on our toes. 

5-Star Reviews

As we scroll through our positive Weelee 4- & 5-star reviews on hellopeter, we are firstly grateful that so many of our satisfied customers took the time to leave a positive review. In a ‘name and shame’ culture that loves to complain and highlight the negative, this is huge for us.  

Weelee reviews

Some common themes ring true as we read through the reviews and this means we are achieving our service goals. Phrases like “great experience,” “so impressed,” “phenomenal service,”  “quick and easy” and “customer service at its best” are repeated. This is great for any car selling platform in a competitive market. 

Most consumers will tell you that they trust online reviews, that positive reviews will influence their buying decisions and that they will use a review platform like hellopeter to vet a business or service provider. This means that our Weelee team can never rest on its laurels; we have to keep striving for sustained excellence and not letting any of our customers down. 

This is serious stuff for us.  

1-Star Reviews

Every now and then there is a fly in the ointment – that minor irritation (in this case a 1-star review) – that spoils the success or enjoyment of something. Obviously, we are not perfect and we don’t like getting low reviews (even if they are few and far between); it means a customer was not happy and that is on us. 

Weelee reviews

This is serious business for us. 

So we did our homework – and a little maths – on the hellopeter platform. Out of 44 pages of reviews, 94% have given us 4 and 5-star reviews (88% of the total are 5-star reviews) and only 2% have given us a 1-star review. At 8.6, our trust rating index is incredibly high, and Weelee is currently ranking #1 in the Transport and Logistics industry and we also have a net promoter score of 82%.* 

The numbers don’t lie – testifying to the fact that we strive to do our best. 

But, few as they are, we address any 1-star reviews immediately and with the greatest care. 

Weelee it!

The hellopeter platform is completely independent, so we take the message seriously and appreciate the opportunity to engage with all our customers. And thanks to the exceptionally positive feedback, we believe we are getting the formula right with our safe, quick and easy online platform.

So, if you are looking to sell your car for the best cash price, why not give us a try?

*Information correct at time of publishing.

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