Getting Ready to Sell Your Car? Spend a Little to Get More Cash

If you are getting ready to sell your car, you might be tempted to not spend any more money on it and just let it go ‘voetstoots.’ Because we have your back, and are committed to finding a buyer for your car and guaranteeing you the best cash price, we are here to tell you that it is probably a good idea to spend a little on a few minor upgrades before your car goes to market to up its value. It is the age-old wisdom: “You have to spend a little to make a little.”  

Of course, if you spend a little and Weelee it” on our online platform, you are likely to make a lot – thanks to our pre-approved dealers who are ready to bid on your car, giving you an exciting and lucrative competitive edge. 

But here’s the rub – the stains on the upholstery (thanks to the kiddies), the fused brake light, the tatty floor mats, the layer of dirt that screams “wash me,” and the faulty windscreen wipers, all send a message to a potential buyer that you didn’t care for your car.

So these seemingly small surface issues could indicate that there may be bigger issues lurking out of sight and under the bonnet. A potential buyer will either run a mile or offer you less. So take the time and the money to fix these few issues before you sell your car. It will make a big difference. 

Wash me

This is all about first impressions. When you are planning on selling your car, it’s the photographs that a potential buyer will see first – alongside many others – and so you want your pre-owned vehicle to stand out and make a shining impression online. (As they say – you only have one chance to impress). A spit and polish are really important, so splurge a little on that car shampoo and wax. This includes the tyres and rims – get in there and get rid of the grime and gunk. 

sell your car

Put your money where your foot is

Your floor mats take a lot of wear and tear – especially on the driver’s side and especially if heels are involved. Giving them a quick vacuum is a no-brainer but replacing them if there are holes in them is definitely worth the minor spend. 

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone

Windscreen wipers are a biggie but really won’t take a huge chunk of your budget. It is these little amounts that add up to what a dealer/buyer will take off the amount they are willing to pay for your car. The few hundred rand you don’t spend now could mean a couple of thousand being deducted from the selling price on inspection. 

Lights, camera, action

Ensure that all your lights are working – tail lights, fog lights, brake lights and headlights. Replacing the bulbs is really cheap and easy to do and so worth it. It is one of those first impression moments that will score you many points and more cash in your pocket when you decide to sell your car. 

Spend a little on these few minor upgrades, photograph your car, and we guarantee you will see some action and more cash in your pocket. 

Let it go

There may be bigger issues at play that are definitely not worth fixing when selling your car as you will just not recoup that money – perhaps brake pads need replacing or there are some scratches and dents. Just let these things go, but our Weelee advice in these scenarios is always “honesty is the best policy.”  When you upload your car on our online platform, divulge these imperfections or issues upfront, so the buyer is aware. 

Weelee it

Of course, if you sell your car the Weelee way, you will discover that the entire process is not only hassle-free but obligation-free, putting you in complete control.  You only let your car go to the bidder that you decide on and for the price you are happy with. It’s that simple. 

So, spend a little, upload your car, watch the offers come in and get more cash when you sell your car the Weelee way. 

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