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We are pretty sure that as we all look back and reflect on 2020, our common experiences involve bucket lists being scrapped, travel plans being cancelled, wedding ceremonies being rescheduled and online homeschooling dominating family time. COVID-19 restrictions and frustrations topped the agenda as we sat at the mercy of lockdowns and statistics. And so you may have missed out on some of our popular Weelee blogs – motivational, informative and educational pieces of content aimed at celebrating our South African culture – whether you are looking to sell your car or not. 

The curated list of our favourite 2020 blogs will hopefully excite you and each one is a definite conversation starter – especially since everybody is tired of only talking about COVD-19. 

It’s a kind of magic

We let the cat out of the bag by sharing our Weelee magic formula – here today, gone tomorrow!  Basically, we let our readers in on the 3 Weelee tricks to selling your car online and getting the best cash price, guaranteed. 

Weelee and Apple

An entire blog was devoted to what Steve Jobs and Weelee have in common – a fascinating read! It all revolves around aspects of our business ethos and principles that mirror that of an iconic entrepreneurial forefather. We’re referring to passion, leadership, focus, hard work and not wasting your time. 

Say ‘Cheese’

As we are a car selling platform – many of our blogs do revolve around best practices and tips. 5 Tips for getting your car ready is a must-read if you are needing to sell your car online. One of our popular tips involved helpful pointers on how to take fantastic photos of your car to post online and outshine your competition. 

We love to dream

We loved fantasizing and putting together our top list of dream cars. We’re not sure you will agree with the Dream SUV’s, Hot Hatches, Eco-cars and Sports Cars that got our votes, but it certainly makes for a stimulating read. 

A cheeky COVID twist

COVID-19 certainly influenced some of our blogs and a couple took on a relevant COVID-twist: Back to basics: What are the bare essentials required to sell your car? was a play on the world going mad and stocking up on basics (like toilet paper).  Sell your car with NO RESTRICTIONS was a shout-out to our easy and safe online platform and how we were still open for business during lockdown restrictions. 

Let’s get some culture

South Africa has an iconic car culture that needs to be celebrated and when there was so little else to celebrate in 2020, this was a timely blog.  It included the Classic car culture (we took a virtual trip to the Franschhoek Motor Museum), the Spinning culture (with its origins rooted in anti-apartheid defiance), the quintessential Bakkie culture (we are Bakkie-obsessed in SA), and the 4×4 culture (representing the diversity of SA’s terrain and its people). 

Reality Weelee

At Weelee – we love to highlight real-life stories that showcase our successful and innovative car selling process. So when one of our Weelee customers sold his Ford Fiesta ST – a car that has an almost cult-like following in SA – we had to devote an entire blog to his exciting and nail-biting online experience. 

Women’s Month

August was Women’s month where we saluted those women who had courageously gone before and sacrificed to alter the course of history. So, we went slightly off our normal Weelee script and took a trip down memory lane, paying tribute to a trailblazer in the automotive world that paved the way for future generations – the grand old Volkswagen Beetle. We guarantee you will love this read. 

Time for a road trip

As the end of 2020 rolled around, we remained positive and included 2 travel blogs in our repertoire: Travel fun with our top 3 road trip car games (of course with a Weelee twist) and Travel Safe with our Top 5 Road tips.

Weelee it!

But the pièce de résistance has to be the blog on the Weelee brand becoming a verb. This blog was a very special one as it is all about you, our customers and our personal connection with you and the role Weelee plays in your life when you sell your car.  You gave us this honour, and the term ‘Weelee it” is now official, helping us reinvent our brand slogan: “Don’t just sell your car, Weelee it!” (Don’t you just love it?)


Well, that is just a taste of what our blog page has on offer. It is a great space to hangout and a wonderful way to get to know who we are. It is also an opportunity for us to reach out and connect with you, and it is just another one of our free offerings. 

Find out more about our safe, easy and quick online platform where you are guaranteed the best cash price when you sell your car. 

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