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At Weelee, we’ve earned the trust of countless South Africans by offering fantastic deals on preloved vehicles. Our fast and reliable buying process makes us your number-one partner for an easy and hassle-free car-buying experience.

Weelee’s flagship store is now open in Midstream, offering you an incredible spot to buy your dream car Our primary goal was to ensure a convenient buying experience for all – no matter where in the country you may find yourself. Finally, there’s a reliable and trustworthy place in Gauteng where you can find your perfect vehicle hassle-free!

Here’s what a trip to Weelee Centurion includes:

Expert Advice

Weelee Centurion is the go-to place to speak to sales experts on the showroom floor. Shop around and ask the pressing questions you may have about buying a new car. Our team is trained to answer all your questions and make your car-buying experience a great one. 

Weelee wants what you want: the best deal for your budget!

Best Car Deals

Buying a new car kicks off with this exciting feeling, right? You start thinking about what kind of car would be just perfect for you – maybe something sporty, practical, or tech-loaded. Then comes the fun part: diving into all the research, checking out different models, reading reviews, and comparing prices; a true sneak peek into your potential new life behind the wheel. 

Weelee offers a huge variety of cars that you can investigate and test drive;  all day if you so wish.  

Wholesale Weelee Prices

Weelee sells cars to the public at wholesale prices. Find the car you are looking for by either shopping in person or, simply start the process online and collect your car at Weelee.

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This is how to get started online:

  • Navigate to Weelee’s Website: Visit Weelee’s website to begin your car shopping journey.
  • Search Filters: On the website’s search bar, or the designated car search section, you’ll find various filters to narrow down your options. By using these search filters, you can streamline your online car shopping experience at Weelee, making it easier to find the ideal preloved vehicle that fits both your preferences and budget.
  • Price Range: If you have a specific budget in mind, start by selecting your price range. You can set both minimum and maximum price limits to filter the available cars within your budget.
  • Monthly Instalment: For those considering finance options, you can also search based on the monthly instalment. Enter the amount you’re comfortable paying each month to find cars that match your financial preferences.
  • Body Types: Choose the body type(s) you’re interested in, such as sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, etc. This helps to refine your search further based on your preferred vehicle style.
  • Apply Filters: Once you’ve set your desired price range and monthly instalment, and selected the body types, hit the “Apply Filters” or “Search” button.
  • Browse Listings: You’ll then be presented with a list of available cars that fit your criteria. You can browse through the listings, and view details, photos, and specifications of each vehicle.
  • Refine or Modify Search: If you want to further fine-tune your search, you can always go back, adjust the filters, or add more preferences to find the perfect match.
  • Compare and Choose: Take your time to compare different options based on their features, mileage, condition, and any additional information provided. Shortlist the ones that catch your eye or meet your requirements.
  • Contact Weelee: Once you’ve found a car you’re interested in, you can either directly contact Welee for further details, inquiries, or to schedule a test drive.

Preloved Goodness

Buying a preloved vehicle comes with perks! One of the best things about it is the opportunity to snag a fantastic deal. At Weelee you always get more bang for your buck compared to buying anywhere else. Weelee Centurion has thousands of cars in stock. You can find unique models, colours, and features that might not be in production anymore. Buying a preloved vehicle often means scoring a reliable ride with character at a more wallet-friendly price.

Begin your adventure on the road with Weelee – your trusted partner in hassle-free car buying. Happy shopping! Get started now and discover a wide range of quality preloved vehicles waiting for you.
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