‘Help, I’m emigrating & need to sell my car!’

Sell my car
We hear you! The stress, complicated logistics and emotional goodbyes associated with leaving South Africa and venturing overseas are huge.  Your to-do list is endless and the thought of selling your car can tip you over the edge. We are here to help you simplify your life – just a little – and cross the ‘sell my car’ item off your list. That is our Weelee promise to all our clients – no matter what your reason for having to say goodbye to your second-hand vehicle.

Weelee is not going anywhere, but we realise there is a new wave of friends and families making the choice to leave South Africa. When you search ‘sell my car online South Africa,’ Weelee is your #1 option. (You can now also click on us if you live in Cape Town!). 

Here are 3 reasons why ‘Weeleeing it’ will resonate with anyone emigrating:

#1 No more queuing 

This is a big one as the life spent planning to emigrate is all about waiting in queues – be that at Home Affairs for passports and birth certificates, embassies for visa applications, police stations for police clearance certificates or doctors waiting rooms for medical check-ups. 

Sell my car

But if you choose to sell your car online with Weelee, you get to skip the queues. It is part of our online VIP treatment. One of our taglines is quick and easy – from upload to offer. So simply upload your car on our hassle-free platform – any time and anywhere – and within minutes you will be contacted by one of our service team members to get the whole process started. (In fact, you could even do all this while waiting in a queue at Home Affairs). 😉

#2 No more waiting

The emigration process can take months to years to complete; waiting is part of the game and out of your control. But not so when selling your car on our innovative platform. Not only are you in complete control of every step, but the entire process is done and dusted in 24 hours! You are probably wondering, ‘Really? I can sell my carfor cash in 24 hours?. 

That brings us to reason #3…

#3 No more compromising

In the panic and time frame of packing up and moving overseas, there are probably a lot of things you need to compromise on. House prices, when selling, is probably one of them. When you arrive in your new country – and with our weakened Rand – you will probably be compromising on many lifestyle choices. That is just the reality. 

Sell my car

But the thought, ‘I will also have to sell my car for a lower price’  is not something you should have to dwell on; not if you choose to Weelee it! Our innovative platform has 1000s of pre-approved and reputable Weelee dealers who will bid on your car or bakkie, giving you access to multiple competitive offers. This means you are guaranteed the best deal possible. The extra cash might not be significant when transferred into pounds, euros, or dollars, but every little bit helps. 

Weelee – the better way to ‘sell my car

Our Weelee promise to you is not only the best cash deal for your car but also customer satisfaction, and we hope you will be one of our satisfied customers. So from bakkies, SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks or minivans, Weelee is the way selling should be. No matter what your situation, we strive to take the stress out of selling your second-hand vehicle. 

We are not going anywhere, but if you are, let us help you sell your car – quickly, safely and for the best cash price. 

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