How to get the most from a test drive at Weelee Centurion

How to get the most from a test drive at our Weelee showrooms

‘Try before you buy’ is a principle that applies to many retail industries. And there is no scenario more apt for putting this principle into practice than buying a used vehicle. Now that we have (finally) entered the retail market and are also selling cars, your second-hand car shopping search is likely to lead you to Weelee where you can buy a car for a great deal. 

Our newly revamped hybrid offering – you can sell a car AND buy a car on our platform – is likely to be the talk of the town. So pop in online or at Weelee Centurion where we sell our cars at wholesale prices. This will tempt you to immediately sign on the bottom line, but we always suggest that you book a test drive and go for a spin before you buy a car, 

When investing in a quality or premium pre-loved vehicle, you are likely to have a wishlist. Or perhaps you are one of those analytical types who have already narrowed it down to THE ONE. Either way, we’d love to sell you a car and we’d love to take you for a test drive. 

Here’s our specialist advice on how to be ‘Weelee sure’ and get the most from a test drive: 

#1 Factor in your needs and wants

Top of our checklist is that you have your own personal checklist of priorities when buying a second-hand car. The requirements to get you from A to B will differ from person to person and family to family. And if you’ve won the Lotto, you are ready to go big and splurge on a luxury vehicle, top-of-the-range 4×4 or dream sports car. (We have them all in stock)

Buy a second-hand car tips for a test drive

But generally speaking, the following are likely to feature on your list: budget, fuel economy, space, safety and comfort. 

Don’t let the thrill of the ride (or test drive) distract you from your prioritised criteria when investing in the perfect pre-loved vehicle. (There will always be time later – with calm heads – to negotiate the extra frills, fancies and financing options). 

#2 Get a second opinion

When buying a used car – and sitting behind the wheel – one’s emotions can often take over with the checklist quickly being thrown out the window. (We promise not to prey on this momentary lapse of judgement). 

Ideally, when taking a test drive, invite your spouse, a parent or BFF along for the ride, (extra points if they are a petrolhead). They are likely to be more objective and a voice of reason to keep you on the straight and narrow. They will also give valuable insights into passenger comfort features. 

#3 Take the high road (and the low road)

Buying a used vehicle is a big, longer-term investment. A test drive is your one chance to help get this right and literally ‘test the drive.’ The salesperson at a car dealership usually has a convenient set route planned, but you are welcome to request a slightly different route. (Going once around the block is really not going to do it for you).

Tips for taking a car for a test drive before you buy

Obviously, all road conditions cannot be tested (that is where your research and petrolhead friend come in), but ideally, you want an opportunity to test acceleration, braking, torque, handling, steering and suspension. (The latter is par for the course on Gauteng’s roads). 

#4 Whip out your magnifying glass

We are speaking figuratively here. When you buy a car, you should feel comfortable with your decision and so it is your prerogative to take your time to inspect the vehicle – every nook and cranny – inside and out. 

Put the car to the test:

  • Do all the electric windows work?
  • Check that the aircon and heating work
  • Is there sufficient boot space? 
  • Do the parking sensors work properly?
  • Are there any issues with the lights?
  • Check for dents or scratches.   
  • Do the seats fold down? Etc. 

At our Weelee ‘dealership,’ you can rest assured that we have done this inspection for you.

#5 Ask (lots of) questions

This is your one chance to mitigate sitting with buyer’s remorse after buying a car. (It’s not so easy to return a used car to a dealership). Our team of trustworthy industry experts is committed to sitting with you to answer ALL your questions and address any concerns. 

Buy a car from Weelee and book a test drive

#6 Visit Weelee in Midstream, Centurion

The goal of a test drive is to see if the car is a good fit for you; and that it translates from paper to experience. Once you have kept our top 5 tips in mind and the car meets the brief, you are ready to sign on the dotted line. 

At Weelee, we are confident that you will find the second-hand car of your dreams, have all the boxes on your checklist ticked and give us the thumbs up. Our tagline is ‘wholesale prices to the public,’  so put us to the test. 

Browse all our showroom listings online and then pop in for a test drive.
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