3 Reasons to sell your car for a minivan

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It’s a season of growth and joy in your immediate family. As the years pass by, so the number of smiling faces in your family portrait increases. You’ve accepted that an 8-hour sleep is a past luxury and coffee now fuels your days as you wipe up snotty noses, provide comfort to crying eyes and navigate the busy school runs. Your much-loved sedan, hatchback or SUV is not providing the optimum space for your family needs and loading the tribe into two cars for a holiday is a logistical nightmare. You may need to sell your car and consider a more roomy minivan (aka multi-purpose vehicle).

The idea of a massive ‘soccer-mom’ van didn’t cross your mind when you tied the knot all those years ago, but as the children (and pets) have increased in number, so has your need for extra space. 

At Weelee, we want to help you enter this next phase of your life with the least hassle and most love. 

Here are 3 reasons to sell your car for a minivan

#1 More space

When all your children (and their cargo) can’t fit into the car for an outing, it’s time to consider upsizing. A road trip, visit from the grandparents or afternoon outing with friends shouldn’t need to involve multiple cars for transportation (especially with the current price of petrol)

Minivans are synonymous with space – so there’s always room for an extra friend, relative or pet. 

Many South Africans choose SUVs over minivans due to their higher clearance level for off-road driving and sexy looks. But when it comes to space, a minivan will rank #1 every time! 

SUVs tend to sit higher than minivans in order to accommodate the heavy-duty, rear or four-wheel drive capabilities, which unfortunately take up precious interior capacity. Minivans, on the other hand, make carpools, visits to the home improvement store or camping holidays possible (with room to spare).

Ever travelled for 3 hours or more with kids in the back seat arguing incessantly over space? It becomes difficult to enjoy the scenery. While selling your car for a minivan does not guarantee an end to sibling rivalry, it does make it difficult to sustain an argument about being too close for comfort. 

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#2 More versatile

In our busy modern lives, sometimes the only constant is change. 

Perhaps there’s another baby on the way, an ailing relative coming to stay or a friend needing a lift (and you need more than 5 seats). Or maybe the kids are on a camp for the weekend and you want to get away as a couple?

That’s where the soccer mom car showcases its brilliance in adaptability.

Minivans available in South Africa like the Kia Carnival and Hyundai Staria offer 9-seater capacity, while the Ford Tourneo, Opel Zafira, Volkswagen Caravelle and Mercedes-Benz V-Class are equipped for 7 or 8. Depending on your seat and budget requirements, there’s a minivan to suit your family’s needs. 

But there’s much more to family vans than rows of seats. You can remove or collapse rows of seats to open up storage capacity for prams, surf boards, musical equipment and even the kitchen sink. Now that mountain biking getaway to rekindle the romance is sorted (without the need for roof racks).

Need under-cover storage space on a trip to the home improvement store? You can sell your car (whether it’s a bakkie, 4×4, hatchback or sedan) and invest in the versatile minivan and make happy family memories along the way.

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#3 More accessible

Ever tried the near-impossible feat of opening a car door in a tight parking lot with a nappy bag in one hand and a baby in the other? Or have you battled to trust your 4-year-old to protect your car (and the neighbouring vehicle) when they open the passenger door? Cue the life-changing sliding door that comes standard with any minivan.

When you own a swagger wagon (or multi-purpose vehicle), you can say goodbye to the days of paying for small dings on other driver’s doors. Gone are the days of helping grandparents with aching hips get into a high-clearance 4×4 or SUV. Gone are the days of encouraging your beloved ridgeback to get uncomfortable during the leap into your boot for a trip to the park.

The low-clearance and convenient access of a minivan also makes it the vehicle of choice for wheelchair users. Plus, the more roomy cabin (with adjustable seats) makes storage of a wheelchair and any other required paraphernalia that much easier. The electric sliding passenger doors also make your vehicle more accessible for the physically challenged.

With all these perks, selling your car for a minivan becomes no-brainer.

wheelchair accessible car

Sell your car for more with Weelee

If space, versatility and accessibility are your requirements, then selling your car for a minivan is your solution.

You don’t have time to waste. Opting for a private sale may give you more grey hairs than necessary and trading in your car is likely to leave you with little cash for an upgrade. 

However, selling on our fastest growing online sales platform will not only give you a fast, safe and hassle-free experience, but also have you walking home with a smile thanks to our professional service. 

Don’t put off that much-anticipated family vacation or adventure. Sell your car for the best cash price today.
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