“I’m ready to sell my car” – Weelee answers your burning questions

Sell my car questions
You’ve taken the plunge to detach from your current vehicle and proudly declare, “I’m ready to sell my car. But before listing your vehicle on an online platform, it’s likely that you still have a number of questions that need to be answered to put your mind at ease. Our mission at Weelee is to create a safe and secure marketplace for you to sell your vehicle while assisting you every step of the way. 

The best way to answer your questions and allay any fears is the Frequently Asked Questions page on our website. In this article, we expand on our current FAQ list to answer newer queries and common concerns that are being channelled through to our customer services team.

Where Google might drive you around in circles, Weelee gets to the crux of your burning questions, allowing you to sell your car with full confidence. 

Can I sell my car for free? 

Would you pay a fee to accept a job and undergo a clearance inspection for your future employer? Of course not, that’s just daft. By selling your car through an online platform such as Weelee, you can be assured, as the seller, that there are no hidden costs or obligations attached. ‘Free’ rhymes with Weelee, and selling your car on our platform will always remain free of charge. 

Read more about how we provide you with a free online ride, every step of the journey

How can I sell my car fast? 

If you really want your car to stand out from the competition, sell quickly and get a great cash return, we strongly suggest you do the following:

  • Make sure all your car’s paperwork and service records are available.
  • Take good quality photos, from all angles, to showcase your car in all its current glory.
  • Be honest and upfront about any bumps, scratches or mechanical issues.
  • Invest in a valet service to get your interior to sparkle.
  • Upload your car on our innovative, reputable and established online car selling platform. 

Preparing a thorough paper trail, along with some pre-auction ‘auto TLC’ can be the difference between a fast transaction and a fruitless exercise. 

Brush up on some important tips to get ready to sell your car.

Up until what mileage is still a good time to sell my car?

As a standard rule of thumb, car manufacturers recommend 20,000kms per year (with annual service) as fair usage. Above and beyond km’s clocked up on your odometer, all the points in the previous paragraph will be factored into the current market value of your specific vehicle and affect the market value offers you can expect to entertain. 

High mileage is definitely not a hurdle to selling your car the Weelee way, but mileage is a legitimate factor impacting final offers. 

Who is bidding for my vehicle when I sell my car on Weelee?

Selling your car on Weelee is not a ‘free for all’ for every prospective buyer hiding behind a keyboard. Seller safety remains our utmost priority and for that reason we selectively invite vetted and pre-approved dealers to bid for your vehicle. These reputable industry leaders give you access to a competitive platform, pushing up the price of your car. As a result, you are guaranteed security, convenience and the best cash deal possible from the successful bidder. 

Weelee – Selling your car for top prices

Aside from property transactions, selling your car is the next biggest transaction you can make. Each deal is a big deal to us, and we strive to ensure that you, as a seller, are well informed, prepared and comfortable enough to trust in our platform, above all others, to get the best cash price offer for your car. If you have any other FAQ’s worth highlighting, please get in touch with us – we would love to hear your suggestions.

If there’s nothing left for us to answer, then you know what to do! Get your car ready, log onto our website, and Weelee it today

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