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The entrepreneurial mindset is founded on the premise that there is a better way of doing things. Interschools cheerleading cries are based on  “Good, better, best, we’re better than the rest!” Innovation and invention are born out of doing something better. And that is where Weelee enters the online conversion as a better way to sell your car.

This bold confidence is based on our new Weelee slogan, “The way selling should be.” The focus is a two-pronged approach – professionalism and friendly service – which puts you, the customer who is selling your car, at the forefront of our strategy and customer service offering. 

And of course, our promise – that you will get a better cash price – is not just limited to when you sell your car;  Weeleeing it is also the better way when selling your bakkie. 

Professionalism – a better online work ethic

At Weelee, professionalism is a core value and for us, that means competence, expertise, dedication and reliability. (In fact, throw in any Thesaurus synonym and we believe it will describe our brand). 

Professional online team

Let’s start with our online team. When you choose to sell your car online, you are placing your trust (and your car) in the hands of strangers. That is a big deal. So, the best place to start is to do your due diligence and consult our reviews and testimonials. Go ahead and read what customers who sold their cars the Weelee way have to say about our online team’s efficiency and professionalism. 

Profesional online dealers

Our Weelee professionalism, however, does not stop there. Selling your car online means someone has to buy your car and that is where we believe we are the better way. The potential buyers for your car are not any ‘Tom, Dick or Harry,’ but rather a carefully selected team of pre-approved, vetted and reputable dealers whose car industry expertise has been tested. 

Not just anyone can become a Weelee dealer.  And that means not just anyone will be buying your car. More than that, our innovative platform places your car in front of 1000s of these professional dealers who are ready to bid on your car – resulting in your car’s selling price going up and up. 

The heart of our professionalism is well, heart; we really do care. That leads us onto our next core approach – friendly service.

Friendly service – a better online relationship

The start of any beautiful friendship is based on mutual trust and respect and that is an intrinsic trait represented in each behind-the-scenes member on our Weelee team. We believe in treating each and every customer with respect. 

This is more than the customer coming first; this is us putting you first. 

Once again we could just point you to our reviews, but that wouldn’t be professional. We want you to be convinced that we are not just unseen robots behind a screen going through the motions. Our team is real people who are determined to help you get the best deal when you sell your car on our platform. 

Trust has a name to it and you will be assigned your personal Weelee consultant who is committed to being in contact with you through the entire process. He/she will WhatsApp you within the hour of you uploading your car and will then be in personal phone contact with you. Your consultant will be a real voice, with a name. 

Speaking of the online process, ours is super user-friendly and simple, but you still won’t be going it alone. We have your back and are available 24/7 to answer your queries and guide you through the online process and after-sales service.

We also respect your time, priorities and commitments and believe that when you sell your car it should not be an added stress to your life. That is why you can sell your car online and still keep doing what you love. 

Surely that is the way selling should be? 

Weelee – a better way to sell your car

Weeleeing your car is not only the better way to sell your second-hand vehicle; it is the way selling should be – safe and secure, quick and easy, professional and efficient. It’s a package deal. And you will get the best deal possible thanks to our innovative online bidding platform that gives you access to thousands of pre-approved dealers who are competing for your vehicle. 

Professionalism and friendly service – it’s the way selling should be. 

Choose the better way to sell your car today. Weelee it!
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