It’s been a tough year – I need to sell my car

Sell my car
We hear you; there is no denying that the past has been a year like no other. Every aspect of our lives has been affected by enforced lockdowns, restrictions and a crumbling economy. We have all had to tighten our belts and make sacrifices, and you might be thinking, ‘I need to sell my car.’ Instead of that idea filling you with further dread and adding to your stress levels, we are here to make the process easy and hassle-free and guarantee you the best cash price. All you have to do is ‘Weelee it.’

Whether you are looking to sell your only car, your second car, or you just need to downsize, there are 3 scenarios you want to avoid:

#1 I need to sell my car to a family member:

Right off the bat, we are going to advise against this option. We love family, and if you are in a scrape, they are the ones to call. But when your to-do list includes ‘Sell my car,’ uncle Tony should not come to mind. ‘Keeping it in the family’ is not always the best option when selling your car.

We really have nothing against your Uncle Tony; we have just been in the car selling business for a long time and when it comes to family, the ‘after-sales’ hassles are really not worth it. Uncle Tony is also probably going to offer you what he believes is a generous deal, which will be lower than market value, and as he is family, it all gets a bit awkward if you ask for more. 

There is a better way than selling your car to a family member – rather ‘Weelee it.’ 

#2 I need to sell my car privately:

Many people choose to sell their car privately assuming that they will get more for their car – but in our current times, you are in for more stress and hassle (and potential dodgy scammers). We all know someone who has a story. We even have an entire blog devoted to Barry’s experience. (Consider yourself warned). 

You also tend to accept the first offer as you don’t have the time to wait around for weeks. If you are thinking, ‘I can sell my car quickly by advertising it privately’ – you possibly could, but in our professional opinion we wouldn’t recommend it. You are more likely to get less than what you expected and it generally takes a lot longer to reach an acceptable price.

There is a better way than selling your car privately – rather ‘Weelee it.’

#3 I need to sell my car by trading it in:

Actually, you don’t. Trading in your car could mean you are ‘taken for a ride,’ given the runaround and ‘meh’ service, and hustled down to a disappointingly low price. You also lose any leverage to negotiate a competitive higher price. 

Of course, it may be convenient to drive your car around the corner and trade it in, but settling for less is not something we suggest. Your car is worth more. 

There is a better way than trading in your car, rather ‘Weelee it.’

#4 I need to sell my car on Weelee’s online platform:

Look at you!!! Either this blog has been very convincing or you have been hearing the word on the street about our popular online platform. But seriously, you never want to be in a situation where you have reason to say ‘I regret selling my car.’  

This is our promise to you: if you ‘Weelee it,’ you are not only guaranteed the best cash price for your car (thanks to our 1000s of pre-approved dealers who are waiting to bid on your car), but you are also guaranteed complete privacy and a hassle-free and obligation-free experience. And all will be done and dusted in 24 hours. 

We know it is hard saying goodbye to your car, that is why our Weelee team is online, putting you first to help you reach the best outcome – in price and speed of sale. 

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