Need to sell your car? Weelee is now a verb!

Sell your car
Don’t you love it when a brand becomes ‘verbified,’ scaling it into an action? We ‘Google,’ we ‘Skype,’ we ‘Uber, we ‘Youtube’ etc. That is exactly what has happened with Weelee. And so now, when selling your car, you can ‘Weelee it!’ (See how easily that rolls off your tongue?). Our brand becoming a verb illustrates the personal connection between us and you, our customer, and your successful online journey when you choose to sell your car on our user-friendly and hassle-free platform. Thank you for this honour. 

What people know from marketing experience now and what people now understand as a practical matter is that it is very good when people use your name as a verb.” -Rebecca Tushnet, an expert on trademark law at Georgetown University.

When a brand becomes a verb, it speaks directly to what the brand does and the role it plays in your life. So, what does it mean to ‘Weelee it’ when you sell your car? How does our brand message translate into behaviour? 

‘Weelee it’ is synonymous with the positive experience of selling your car online on our much-loved platform. Just three words define this Weelee experience: Simple. Fast. Safe.

‘Weelee it’ with ease

The entire process is simple. You can upload your car in 3 easy steps any time and from anywhere, literally – from your local coffee shop or while sitting on the beach – as long as you are connected. (All you need are your car’s details and information). 

‘Weelee it’ with speed

The entire process is fast. Selling your car can be a laborious and time-consuming process, but not when you ‘Weelee it.’ Once your car is uploaded on our website, the bids from our pre-approved dealers will start rolling in. Over the next 24 hours, as the bids come in, you get to decide which – if any – you want to accept. 

(Check out the exciting experience from one of our customers who chose to ‘Weelee it’). 

‘Weelee it’ with privacy

The entire process is safe. We don’t need to enlighten you about scam artists and online risks when you sell your car.  Your online safety and security are paramount to us and we respect your privacy with 128 bit SSL encryption technology – only disclosing your personal info to the dealer whose offer you have decided to accept. 

‘Weelee it’ speaks to our promises and the fact that you are our #1 priority. 

When you ‘Weelee your car’ on our online platform, you are not only guaranteed the best deal, you also have an entire Weelee team assisting you. 

It works like this: when you need to sell your car…

  • Don’t trade it in and settle for less, ‘Weelee it!’
  • Don’t get ‘meh’ service, ‘Weelee it!’
  • Don’t just accept the first offer, ‘Weelee it!’
  • Don’t sell your car privately and risk dodgy scammers, ‘Weelee it!’

(Go ahead and read some of our many satisfied customer testimonials who chose to ‘Weelee it.’ )

‘Weelee it’ with Weelee

Selling your car sucks. We know. That is why Weelee exists – offering you a better way to sell your car – simply ‘Weelee it!’

Weelee is the trusted fast and safe online platform that will help you sell your car for the best cash price. 

So go out there and spread the word: ‘Don’t just sell your car, Weelee it!’

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