Just chilling and selling my car the hassle-free way

Sell my car the hassle-free way with Weelee
Ever since we spread the Weelee love to the Mother City, the laid back Cape Town vibe seems to be trending, especially among those who are thinking, “I need to sell my car.”  Of course, it is more specific than that; the advice – from those who have gone through our online process and come out the other side with the best cash price – goes something like this: ”Just chill and sell your car on Weelee.”  

It really is quite simple. Why stress? Life is way too short. You have 99 problems but selling your car shouldn’t be one of them. That is why Weelee’s innovative online platform is like your ‘chill-pill’ for selling cars. And we have so streamlined the process that one of our new taglines is “Be carefree and cash in on your car with Weelee.” 

The rave reviews from our thousands of satisfied customers are often centered around our hassle-free process. So instead of saying. “I need to sell my car,  it’s much easier to just say, “I need to Weelee it!”

Sit back and relax – anywhere

This is how easy and hassle-free we have made selling cars; you can literally be anywhere. As long as you have photos of your car and your paperwork is in order, you can upload your car in minutes and we will get the process started. There is no need to disrupt your routine or plans. After you have ticked “sell my car” off your to-do list, you can just carry on doing what you love. 

Valia, one of our satisfied customers, articulates it like this: “I sold my car easily and effortlessly with Weelee. I got a very good deal. Excellent service and completely safe.” That is ‘hassle-free’ in a nutshell! 

Sit back and check out the bids – anywhere

A trip to the bush, a dinner date, a Zoom meeting, your kid’s cricket match – it really doesn’t matter (and it doesn’t matter what device you are using) – you get to watch the bids come in from our pool of 1000s pre-approved dealers who will bid on your car over a 2-hour period. This is where ‘hassle-free’ lives up to its name; you only accept the bid of your choice or you can just walk away – no questions asked. The phrase, “I need to sell my car, should really not mean pressure and stress. 

Weeleeing it is entering the conversation as the best way of selling your car online (and getting the best cash price). 

Sit back and Weelee it – anywhere

With Weelee, anyone can sell their car anytime, anywhere. That is good news when navigating the hustle and bustle of daily life. Besides ‘hassle-free’ and the best cash price, we are also committed to professional service, a safe and secure online platform and a quick and efficient online experience.

And when others know you are trying to sell your second-hand vehicle and don’t understand how you can be so super-chilled, you get to tell them, “I am selling my car with Weelee.” 

So sit back, relax, shoot the breeze and ‘Weelee it’ today.
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