Should I sell my car (or bakkie) and scale down this summer?

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Have those 7 am car debt follow-up phone calls cornered you into thinking of downsizing or selling your car or bakkie this summer? Are the relentless ‘Transaction declined’ messages from your bank making you dread the end of the month? Maybe balancing your budget is what has been driving you up the wall because of the chunky monthly car instalment, depriving you of the flexibility to attend to other life necessities. 

These scenarios may have you seriously considering selling your car or bakkie just to get the monkey off your back. Partnering with Weelee to sell your car in this situation is like having a friend in your corner.

Here are 3 reasons why you should not hesitate in scaling down this summer.

Tough decision, rewarding solution

At Weelee, we guarantee you the best cash deal for your car, thanks to our thousands of pre-approved dealers who are waiting to bid on your vehicle. 

We understand how the thought of selling your car or bakkie to reduce your monthly costs is likely to feel like a  major setback. If it’s any comfort to you, you are not alone in this situation. According to Research Eighty20, there has been a 32% spike in year on year overdue loans related to vehicle asset finance. Clearly, a large percentage of SA car owners are affected. 

Downscaling may not be an easy decision to make. But you can reclaim your freedom from the ‘unavoidable’ debt follow-up calls by selling your car in a quick, safe, obligation-free and transparent way with Weelee.

The timing is just right

There is no better time to sell your second-hand car than right now. You won’t believe how the pandemic has actually worked this bit in your favour! 

Covid-19 has resulted in car manufacturers slowing down and some even pausing production. This is due to a shortage of semiconductor chips that are made in South-East Asia. This has resulted in the price of new vehicles spiking and the market displaying a higher preference for second-hand vehicles. So now is a good time to maximise the price when selling your second-hand vehicle with Weelee.

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