Need to Sell Your Car Online? Have you heard what people are saying?

Sell your car online
The past 6 months have been filled with difficulty, negativity and discouragement. That is why scrolling through our customer testimonials, we are delighted to share some positivity with you. Selling your car online can be a scary and daunting experience, but not with Weelee, and we’d like to tell you why in our customers’ own words. 

This is what people who chose to sell their cars online with Weelee in the past 6 months are saying: 

When it comes to our online service:

When you sell your car online, we have always been proud to stand by our Weelee promises. But it’s always great to get customer feedback acknowledging that what we say is what you get. 

Ash Moodley sold his car in August and he kindly sent us a glowing report: ‘Dealt with Weelee for the first time this week. The entire process was seamless, from registration to the end result. Weelee is now my preferred company to do business with.’ 

Sarah Vermaak was also happy to recommend us: ‘Easy to register. Car sold in a day with the best offer (after trying for weeks in other places). Brilliant set up and effortless sale.’ 

We love sharing recommendations like Elana Croukamp’s: ‘Sold both my and my husband’s cars within 2 days. Great service from the agent. Will recommend you to everyone I know!’

‘Wow!! Can’t believe how easy it was to sell with Weelee. Sold in 2 days. So much easier and SAFER!! Highly recommend Weelee.’ Thanks, Ricky Viegas. We think ‘Sell with Weelee’ should be our new tagline. 😉

Milena Oliviera Archer sums it all up: ‘Excellent service! Sold my car in 24 hours.’ 

When it comes to our dealers:

Second-hand car dealers often get a bad rap, but not ours. Our Weelee pre-approved reputable dealers are specialists in their field which results in you getting multiple credible offers in no time. 

When it came to Ash Moodley’s dealer experience, this is what he had to say: ‘I have to recommend the dealer for their superb customer service abilities and willingness to assist and go the extra mile.’ 

‘Got a great deal on my car.’ [Werner Visagie]

Edward Cotterell couldn’t stop raving about his experience: ‘Best service out there! The agent was great and he was able to get me 22% more for my car than the big branded guys. Thanks for the service.’ [Edward Cotterell]

‘I received the most amazing and speedy service from the dealer.’  [Carla Rodrigues Da Silva]

‘Very easy to sell your car online. Professional service from the dealer and a great experience all around.’ [Matthew Widdall]

Not sure there is much to add to these reviews except to say you might want to read about why our Weelee dealers are your BFF’s.

When it comes to our team:

When you need to sell your car online, it is sometimes hard saying goodbye. That is where our Weelee team comes in. Our inhouse team prides itself on being friendly and professional, and we believe in open and transparent communication and will address any concerns you may have, helping you make the right decisions. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what the people have to say: 

‘Fantastic customer service! The team followed up with me throughout the process and after I had sold my car. Excellent work and no complaints.’ [Nathan O’ Reilly]

And Kabeer Ismail couldn’t stop raving: ‘Amazing and efficient service. What an amazing tool to use. I strongly recommend anyone looking to sell their vehicle to register on Weelee. Well done and keep up the great work!’ 

When it comes to Weelee:

If you value privacy, simplicity, peace of mind, and a free service when you sell your car online, then it’s all about watching, waiting and winning with Weelee. 

At Weelee, it doesn’t matter if you are upsizing or downsizing, the people have spoken and we like what they are saying. 

Don’t just sell your car, Weelee it!

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